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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Might Have Cirrhosis But That Doesnt Mean I Have to Submit, Cooperate or Die In The US or In Boston

Hep C hasn't been taken care of for years. Mold exposure is documented to make Hep C worse and quicken the.process. Went to new doc about internal bleeding twice this year. Wanted bloodwork. After i.did that they took it upon themselves to make a gastronomic appointment for me. Gee wonder why. I.knew something like this was coming. And I don't do chemotherapy or transplants. I've been through enough hospital stuff and I believe when the body is that weak sick or non functioning, just leave it. Doctors keep way too many people alive who would've died in the old days. I am going to drive anyone into the ground who is guilt ridden about any of this and try to get what revenge i can. I certainly have to focus now on finishing my project as that's become my life's work and all that matters. Romney gets elected but i have to die? I dont think so. Its a perfect situation to set me up for being a murder patsy however. Hmph. Ill just erase any very angry posts make a statement and leave the USA. Sure Im going to die if its cirrhosis but I was supposed to dead by now anyways. Who cares? I'll die elsewhere, where they cant humiliate me so much. No place is as humiliating to live than the northeast. Its a disgusting place now. Specifically Boston. I can tell the world what happened but I probably can never stay long enough to sue various people for what they did. I can try perhaps from a different location but its going to be hard to find someone who will go up against authority in Boston. I am not going to harm Romney or anyone else. I want Romney to win becuz America deserves him and that bitch wife of his. Laura one of their relatives who knew my ex Jake, the little bitch harassed me in St Louis, tried to help push me to suicide. Ive been out to the southwest-to Utah, AZ, NM. There is shit going on out there u wud not believe. Northwest also. All i can say is that LDS is the perfect cult to bring on the apocalypse. Maybe its they who are behind GS. Theirs soany fucked up cults and groups. Hahaha...they all deserve Mitt as president..or another four years of the mambo king racist fuck sneaky liberal and HIS bitch wife. Burning my body in the salt flats of Utah has always appealed to me becuz those flats most represent freedom to me. But the idea of being cremated or suiciding in Utah, home of the Mormons and Romney while he becomes president is a bit more than he, they or the US deserves. I want the public to go through whats coming next. For all I know most people might be made very happy with what Romney may do I dont know. All I know is I am being warned do NOT travel into the US anymore and get out as soon as I can. So I can imagine that whatever whoever is elected is going to do next is going to be pretty bad. Or perhaps maybe thats just for people like me who are targeted. Overseas probably has some alternative cure for my liver disease anyway. I know one thing, after I leave MA this time I can never return. The mc is just ridiculous now. Its nothing but enslaving and totally destructive. Whatever is going on right now, whatever they are planning to do to the public and the country, there is no room nor time for me to stay and get a lawyer and try to make my case for alot of things that happened I could probably sue for. Theres no time for that now. I keep getting told to go into Canada every single time I come back here to Boston. Specifically it occurs in the summer but not while the students are in. This place has become so geared towards the elite, thier house slaves and anyone oblivious to their actions and plans that a sensible person cannot exist in Boston in safety anymore.

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