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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trying To Make The TI Paranoid By Treating Them As If They Were Dangerous

I do notice that they try different things as well to see what happens.

LOL evertime I come to MIT near Kendall I will never soon forget the night, during the thick of this during Bush when I was watching this display they had in one of the windows near Kendall MBTA station. It was something where words or phrases were being displayed, lit up on a board. I will never forget the moment that, after standing there for a while, the word BOMB came up. It was so timed, so obvious and so obviously out of the context of the rest of the words and phrases on this piece of tech I assume students had built.
I genuinely dont think it was a perp tactic or mind game. I really believe they were trying to find out if any and all programmed MK Ultra kids were somehow programmed to be terrorists.

Which is really stupid becuz that isnt what the program was about. Then again, come to think of it, if that is the case, they would know that. Yeah, it could have been a psych out to scare me even more. They must know I could and still can read or scan very fast which is why it was put there that way. And anti terror has always been used to make us feel bad, suspect or that its validated we are dangerous when in fact anyone with knowledge of MK Ultra knows that isnt true.

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