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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Its Been All RIght Here All Along: Instructional Manuals and Other By CIA and Military

 U.S Army and CIA Interrogation Manuals: 

Psychological Operations In Guerrilla Warfare:

How to get the public to disrupt your enemies and secure your interests while they believe they are fighting the system:
The Freedom Fighter's Manual

Yeah its a little hard to use these to protect yourself when you are targeted when you are being targeted and under being heavily influenced.

Notice that by 1997 they had no problem releasing these. Note thats the same year or approx time period that the law was amended back to concerning torture used in interrogation in my last post.

Why use these manuals or be afraid to release them when you have just put in place another system that is classified or hidden from the public so that whatever is in the manuals can be denied or doesnt have to be utlilized in an overt manner which could cause them being caught?

The existence of this system for control of the population as well as the targeting of individuals who are considered threats is blacked out by the media as well as anything documented related to it like MK Ultra is either represented as conspiracy theory or has disinfo agents working on putting out so much crap on the subject matter that even TI's dont know whats fully accurate and whats not or who to trust.

Then of course its easy to label us disinfo or operatives or whatever. I think part of the experimentation to build super spies or soldiers or whatever was done is to see how, those of us who are programmed, deal with situations like this without any prior training or knowledge of such matters or materials. This only makes sense becuz why else would they keep on using these tactics to get information that they already have or that others could more easily give them?

They keep presenting the situation as I need to come forward and give up info about my former associates. If this is so then why not use a subpeona? Becuz thats a cover story. What they really want is to see how long it takes and what it takes to be able to get a confession from a targeted subject and also what they do or go through in the process. Forcing TI's to stay traveling or to write blogs or make friends wherever they can is a form of interrogation similar to these manuals.

Much of what I read just on the wiki about these manuals I have experienced being targeted.  Sleep deprivation, motivation by fear, being isolated, writing a blog or getting a social networking site where I reveal my likes, dislikes, character, background etc. Notice how I am pretty much isolated from society and my time is spend writing on my blogs and social networking site?

Sure they have to cover thier asses for the rest of my natural life becuz of what they did during Bush, especially the more severe human experimentation but also they want to keep the experimentee under control.

They certainly have created intolerable situations and an unpleasant environment. That must be what the constant gang stalking is for.

What they dont tell you is that much of this is also to brain wash a person or group into subservience. Unless thier goal is soley to get me to go take on a label and stick with it so I am silenced for life and officially discredited. It seems to be what they are aiming for here in Boston and Cambridge this year. They always wanted hospitalizations I assume but this time it seems they want something where I am not going in voluntarily with being suicidal they want something where I am put there by authorities. Its a sort of end phase they see me in now, and finishing me off is what they are going for.

They are either going to force me to leave the country out of fear, get labeled due to not being able to handle the pressure anymore, give in willfully or conform/become silent to avoid anymore harassment and torture. Ive also heard people who are suspect trying to get me back into adult entertainment which I cannot imagine why anyone would want that considering how sickly I am right now. That only makes sense if you are going for finishing off the person like in totally depraved parts of the industry or snuff films.  They've been going for that for a while probably moreso a few years ago.

Its hard to believe that there are groups, media and others who want to hold them accountable for what they do thats overseas or in the past or overt yet the public refuses to acknowledge and help someone like me.

I see alot of people in Boston and Cambridge who are aware of what is going on with my situation. That means the public are totally under their control now or we have a massive population among the ignorant, normal people who are CIA, military or other such as from privatized companies doing similar work.

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