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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey MIT, Remember who u r dealing with

If u EVER have student spook operstives or whatevrr they r antagonize me again then call the police on me just for looking homeless at the student center I WILL GO TO THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY WITH INFORMATION ABOUT A FEW PROFESSORS SEEING PROSTITUTES IN THEIR OFFICES AFTER HOURS AND I WILL TELL THEM EVERY DETAIL as well as that individual john has also stalked and harassed me in MIT lasy year due to my having dirt on him.

U may think i am discredited but as usual u r arrogant stupid rich people. Ha, Ive only revealed to the public the most 'unbelievable' stuff idiots. Ive never made public what i know about local corruption. This is a service that pays off cops as well. Do u want to be connected to that? Becuz i can do that if u want.

Do not fuck with me. Obviously by now u realize i dont care how prestigious u r. U r involved in contonued human experimentation and mass mind control. THAT is all i care about revealing in my book.

I thought we had a little tolerant relationship. U sort of ignore me while I use the resources there ANY TIME I NEED TO as long as i am quiet etc.

I in turn dont embarass the shit out of u and all the lovely investors and parents etc who believe your institution's reputation is infallible.

Stop sending green young little shits to mess with me and think their getting results.

Mossad, cia, dod whoever they r, inform them of whats really going on or i will embarass u in creative ways no left brained person could ever think of.

Stay out of my way and stop thinking u r smarter than me.

My playing dumb while doing my research and getting my affairs in order here for a month or so until i leave benifits us both.

U and your little shit student operstives and your flat foots who think they r smart, could screw up the niiiiiccee balance we have found over the years.

Perhaps that new president the Jew maybe his policies are more...exclusive of people who LOOK like me. Well i can embarass a huge portion of Newton and Brookline as well if u want. How many people go to Temple with him?

Ha ha my mind is running ahead of itself. Lets just keepnit very simple.

YOU are an elitist, corrupt institution who like others of your ilk thinks it is so powerful that u can do whatever u want to the public. U function exist due to contributng to an industry that is basically a death cult who makes money off of the suffering and death of war. U r the military industrial complex. U also have a documented record of unethical human experimetation.

I dont think that ever changed.

Now here is how its going to go. YOU r going to stop thinking u can accurately gauge exactly how intelligent i really am. My family is in the mafia remember. I may be more clever than u think.

However i admit i could never strive for your levels of success as murderous, selfish career criminals world wide.

Takes one to catch one.

That being said, i intend to include u in my research about war crimes during Bush and beyond. However i was also going to include that there seems to be a faction within your institution that sympathizes with me even assists at times. Also these are classified, black projects and wr both know it.

Like mom said i can write a book but no one will believe me.

Yeah about the stuff the public r too stupid and lazy and greedy and self interested to believe.

Oh but dont we both know how that mob of jackals would loooove to hear about the vices of the elite specifically the academics at prestigious institutions.

Let me be a Traveler simply using your facilities for occasional internet use. Becuz if u want to try to persecute me based on that PERSONA i can easily take off this mask and reveal to anyone and then everyone other personas i have and have had....as well as all the experiences that go with them.

Go back to exzctly the way things were a month or go or so. I tolerated the house slave cleaning lady messing with me in the other building as to not break character.

Overzealous untrained little shits and MIT cops will piss me off right into being a way bigger asshole than that little Traveler who wants to use the computer.

I can fuck up this city. I can say this blog is fiction and the local dirt had my scared so i hid behind this and acted crazy. DO NOT CROSS ME.

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  1. So I do believe hiring practices of certain professors is suspect. The academic world has a mobbing aspect to it all of its own. A lot of respectable profs are driven out, by mobbing by not only his or her peers, but by the prof's students.