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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nightmare Neocons Join Romney Team
(this article is from last year. Ron Paul is out of the race already)

So this means that even if I leave the country this system will find me and it looks like the people who are going to be in office are the types to finish someone like me off in the coming years.

If I leave that means they can try to off me in a strange country where I dont know anyone as opposed to my own country where I at least have some associations many of whom are solid working people who could provide some protection and some character witness as to my being sane and peacable.

However, something keeps giving me the go ahead to definitely get the hell out of here like within the month. It could all be false, just a way to get me to go some place outside the USA where I dont know anyone and dont know how things work. If I was killed in such a place it would be alot easier for them to get away with it.

I've never been in a place mentally and emotionally where I did NOT know what to do next. The presence of remote influence is so out of control here now that its not like living in reality anyway. I was in the basement of a college today- I realize now that TIs are drawn to certain buildings and areas due to they being either no cell reception or only 1x not 3G on the smartphone. 1X is a bit comfortable but that little circle with a line through it is the best. Its like the best treat in the world right now.

And I have posted before that this is why many places are off limits to Targets especially those drawn into homelessness. Places like train stations underground, govt buildings, hospitals, colleges.

Its amazing to have so much hidden information, and to see the whole plan as its unfolded and been designed from the 80s onward. Reagan knew about these technologies, chemical influence and even organized stalking and harassment. He tried to sell this to the public as a way to deal with the mentally ill and prisoners and public reception to this was outrage so he simply implemented such a system covertly.  He closed down all the mental institutions. Crack was brought into the cities (Iran Contra). They KNEW that this would totally screw up any scenes left over from the 60s that were considered subversive but also this was done so, along with anti terror, now we have a system where inconvenient people can be forced into the homeless scene and not only discredited using this system but also exposed constantly to technologies and chemical influence by having to be outside more than average working and housed people as well as if we do go to shelters then its always tech and organized harassment from people within the shelter.

I never realized while it was happening what a conspiracy this is. Like a real plot to overthrow the country. With this ridiculous covert network all over the place in public and private spaces. Looking at the magnitude of it now its like something out of the McArthy era panic about infiltration and such. But its actually happened! And I still dont fully understand who is behind it. It was so easy in the old days- Communists. Russia. Nazis. The Counter Culture. Corporations. Now looking at all I know I wonder if it ever was that simple or always a complicated string of people, groups, investors, syndicates etc.

I think the Internet has made it so the public are now able to see the world as it really has been set up for...well forever. The underlying causes the hidden forces behind official history.

Like I've said before none of this surprises me and its not alarming. Typical human shenanigans. Its the progress in technologies, chemical influences and understanding of psychological operations that has given the 'bad guys' if you will, an edge like never before in history. THIS is whats so disturbing.

Romney having these people on his team is so like a nightmare. And after being so beaten down for years its as if its not real. Its interesting that I am so f*cked up in the head after whats been done to be for years that I almost just want to vote for the guy and comply.
This  is the difference between the 2004 election and the 2012 election. In just that short amount of time the system has taken over an entire country psy ops style. In 2004 they had to use alot of fear mongering, intimidation and actual technologies to make people vote neocon Republican. In 2012 people are going to do so willingly.

 Its made the public chose something that they would not have chosen under normal circumstances.  Its such a brainwashing success. One has to wonder what kind of math so many computers had to calculate for how long to come up with such plans and designs in order to accomplish being able to create an entire alternative time line as this one. To gently nudge the universe, ever so, so that the same people are here that would have been in the other reality, but are altered dramatically. Its a theory of mine that this is why its so important to not kill us off but preferable to alter us instead.

There is not one city in the USA where I can be left alone. If there isnt tech blaring then there is heavy organized stalking and harassment. The only places where there are no cell reception are places I couldnt survive or dont know how to.

Its so hard to not want to jump into the quantum stew, the mix of this crafted reality and become part of the humanity that is now living this way quite comfortably. Everyone seems so normal. So happy. As if nothing in the world is wrong. Perhaps for them, all is right with the world. For those of us who know too much I now understand why they kill us off: out of mercy.  Living with this information is probably the worst existence anyone could know.

I wont soon forget how horrible those years under Hayden in the CIA were. Probably the worst of my life and I was lucky to come out of that alive.  And interestingly, what was done to me wasnt done for interrogation. Alot of what happened to me was outright Satanic Ritual Abuse. Obvious in content. Having Hayden in office was like being poked in the buttcheek by the devil's pitchfork so you are now familiar with it. Like a child who's burned thier hands on the stove I know better now and I am not sticking around for another experience like that. Seriously.

But will anywhere on earth by safe once these very dangerous men are in power? Is  it more dangerous to leave the USA?  I now understand why they have voted in marshal law just recently. I think America is going to rise up finally after years of being destroyed, the people are hip to this now. And when they do there are already paid mercenary companies in place that have no loyalties and will do anything to anyone to get paid.

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Anonymous said...

There's a few perps that thing this whole deal with Romney is something to be taken lightly, like it's not a big deal. They actually think it is they and not the bigger more sinister forces that have all the power. I don't know, but I do know some of them think he is really no big deal. I think global enslavement is no big deal to them, either. They probably don't think it's going to hurt them much, and they don't really seem to have any kind of internal gauge as to how much the target gets hurt by these campaigns. Some really think it's not a big deal, like a joke class that you don't show up for but still get a good grade. But then, the powertripping perps, the ones that think life's one big party, the ones that aren't hardass criminals but little sheep on the peripheral, always think like this. There are a couple where I am at.