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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Anonymous said...

The Cult aspect makes a lot of sense to me. There are so many that get involved, and they ALL can't be getting paid or getting better jobs. It has to be something they believe in. Of course, the Cult is another topic all its own. Most Cults require a very narrow-minded as well as hive-like conformity. I see TI's as being a threat to their Hive way of thinking and acting.

The hate -- maybe that explains it. Sure, a lot of them do benefit, like payments or whatnot. But what about the others who do it for free? Cult brainwashing? Like Susan Atkins said, they picked Tate's house because it was "isolated", as she put it. We are isolated too, and we stand out from the Hive, and those two factors egg them on, I feel.

And it's easy for such a large Cult to exist, because of technology. Before, it was not feasible to have such a thing. Wireless communications and the internet make it possible in the modern age. Not to mention there is mind control tech at work on them as well as for us.

Probably the Cult members have tech acting on them, too, reinforcing their behaviour patterns. And it's distinct from what TI's get. Maybe their narrow-mindedness naturally lends itself to certain brainwave patterns that are easy to control with one piece of technology, compared to us.

One of the characteristics of Cult members is they sometimes feel they are very intelligent, despite being very closed-minded. I can't believe so many people would want to focus on us independently yet be part of the same mindset. It's hard to imagine all of these people who independently consider us liars and not as smart as they. These are some messed up people. Or their brainwave patterns are likely locked together somehow in the same narrow band of frequencies. The tech can then do the rest.