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Friday, June 1, 2012

Its Israel : A Theory

it's israel behind d human experimentation. possibly even the ritual abuse.

They and.others who.share their interests.

Source I wont.reveal at.this.time. No.documented proof at.this.time but.plenty of.cases in the news.from Israel and elsewhere of.unethical human experimentation going on there.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very plausible. That would explain a lot of things. There are a lot of lawmakers and government leaders who have Jewish ancestry. I think there could be an agenda tied to Israel. One of my coworkers back in 2001 mentioned that 9/11 happened because of something tied to Israel.

Anonymous said...

Very good. Only the perps would think they're winning just because they're out there harassing people. The only time you should think they're winning is when you can't see through their deception. I can see very clearly who is a perp and when I am being attacked. Jeez, these people need some refinement with their psych. warfare. If I can see them coming, then they are not winning! Second of all, they do not define reality for me. They might be defining reality for everyone else and the flock, but not for me.

Maybe I don't speak for everyone (or you), but doesn't it seem like when we were real young, this country was still a nice place to live? Now it's like a nice big tornado went tearing through the area and ripped everything to piles of rubble, leaving a wake of destruction. And then, in the process of rebuilding, only sterile buildings are put up that please "them". You know "them", they are the flock of geniuses who are winning. :) LOL.

Oh jeez, I better give up. They are just too smart and too good for me. Just because they have access and networks and big scary toys. What a shame to have them win over me. (Never mind the fact that I can see all their deceptions as they are trying to beat me up with them.)