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Monday, June 4, 2012

Christian Church Organizations And The NWO

This may account for the insane Christian content in Target's campaigns.

I know theres been an influx of new Protestant churches here in Boston. WASP appeal but to YUPpies not the kind of Protestant church going people we've always had here. These churches are not typically New England or old Boston Protestant but have the character and style of outsiders to our old culture.

They appeal to YUPpie WASP types becuz they fancy something new. These churches ads are around the area on buses and in subway stations mostly. They are appealing to people who are sick of the old churces. Also seem to be for persons who might be Humanists but again thats part of New Englands old churches.

They seem like a bit Humanist (Universalists) but also cult like.

They use alot of material from people like

I think its clever thwt with Bush in office he masked the Satanic activity and now during Obama hes masking the increased Christian activity.

I am noting alot of brainwashing content lately thats Christian in nature.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get baited with a reward if I accept a certain religion at face value. I call it Reward Baiting.

And how do I counter this? Well I simply reject certain things they are trying to impress upon me with human forces and/or tech. I think it through, telling myself "They" are not gods nor are they the One True God, and that they could be assholes who are wrong. Yeah, that's the ticket... just tell myself they are assholes who are trying to get into my head for control purposes and to keep me down.