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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Highly Intelligent People Supposedly More Socially Acceptable (Except When They Are Targeted Individuals)

Funny how when it comes to Targeted Individuals, still we get "misunderstood" and "shunned by society"...thats by design of course.

Due to the fact many of us are Ritual Abuse survivors, human experimentees sometimes second generation from projects connected to Project Paperclip like MK Ultra as well as other forms of mind control projects.

They set us up so that high intelligence looks dangerous or like insanity. Also they purposely tap into society's base nature by appealing to the worst human traits like jealousy, power and control, abuse of power, sex, greed and the good ol mobbing instinct.

Of course instead of admitting to the existence of programming of human beings, RA, micro chipping and military projects designed to build supermen and women as supersoldiers, or super spies, they instead have psychiatry cover for these things with bs diagnoses, basically by expanding on things like schizophrenia, autism, Ashbergers etc.
Many people with a diagnoses of being in the autism 'spectrum' etc are actually programmed, highly intelligent, psychic, experimentees or ritual abuse victims.

It seems the only criteria for thier diagnoses is to either not fit into western society as it exists today, behaving one's self and doing what authority expects of one not being successful.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad thought, that there is a committee that knows of the true nature of the experimentation we are under. That we are being pushed to become superman or wonder woman, via a bunch of extremely negative stimuli. The stimuli would be the extensive local harassment and questioning, which forces us to go into a defensive mode. This defensive mode is what they want, because of all the normal releases that push us into fighting them, and it's hoped we can harness that negative energy to produce amazing works. Once we produce, they will still our works, of course. But the local mob, they see us as pure sex objects to be cat-called, or jokes or criminals to be punished via the harassment.

I know they don't like us because we are not "safe" and "harmless" toys for them to play with. Like you pointed out, the musicians they promote look like harmless sex toys to make the public feel better. Seems everyone needs someone harmless to idolize to make the common folk feel more empowered.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely be careful if you are told to go to Canada. The same system that is trying to kill you is telling you to go there? I would be suspect. They certainly have had enough time to assemble a "team" ready to pounce on you and tear you to bits. I've seen what they do to targets up there. I read a number of Canadian targets' blogs, like 3 of them. And they are pretty vicious up there too, it seems. If nothing else, they have even more impressive tech up there, too. I suspect that a number of countries have tech installed secretly, so that when a target "defects", the harassment can be more effective. You would not know the language, and that fact in itself would be an effective isolation tactic.

Anonymous said...

Funny. I got a notion directed towards me personally that if organized stalking was all of sudden deemed unconstitutional, that I would lose my "benefits" that being targeted brings me.

I guess I do have certain benefits as a target. Like for example, the free entertainment on the street and the places I go to courtesy of their posse.

And they are marketing this whole show as an opportunity for me to get great sex. Hmmmm... it seems that as a target, I'm getting the exact opposite: my opportunities are getting taken away from me. There is intentional snobbiness by certain "members" and the goal seems to be to have me craving them as a potential sex mate. But it does everything is so oversexualized these days, like it's a high priority. Just look at the videos starting from the mid-nineties until now. Everything is so geared towards selling themselves sexually. Compare this to back in the 80's, especially the early days of MTV, when videos were short dramas. Now it seems their is no plot whatsoever in music videos. If it's not rappers grinding with ghetto bootie, is those "new" bands showing nothing but a fake live performance. And you know what I mean by "new" bands, of course. ;) Yeah, those kind. The harmless, not a threat types.

It does seem that the music industry is presenting and promoting bands/performers who minimize the threat to the average person and the NWO. Like, bands who are barely good enough are the ones making it. And the focus is directed away from singer-songwriter types. And of course, they like to have ideas stolen from TI's, and there'd be people sharing the credit. No credit is given to the TI.

I guess that's one of the "benefits" of being a TI: hearing your ideas show up in songs (the better ones, of course:), and then seeing several people receive credit for something they didn't even write.

And, what other benefits? Fake friends? People showing up wherever I go to put on a skit? LOL, like these two tweens I saw, they were giving me ideations that it would be nice if I would text them. First off, I don't even know them. Second of all, they were doing via a directed conversation. So how am I supposed to text them? Sounds like a ploy to get me stalking people.