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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Human Experimentation At Heart Of Bush Administration

What is most interesting about this for me is that they made it retroactive to 1997.

Thats when I was first targeted. Thats the year I suddenly started experiencing panic attacks and other symptoms now of course I know it was technologies, perhaps chemical influence and probable sensitivity to the large power lines near the house. It was in Waltham right near 128. Polaroid, Raytheon and other tech comapnies are on Rt 128. Waltham is extremely nasty and the cops are corrupt with links to Italian mobsters. My mother's cousin is some sort of police or detective and as usual I was always isolated from any and all money or power connected to my mothers family. I find it hard to believe he would not know about such things. He sort of made fun of me when I was in school the one or two times I saw him.

Personally I think that whole family has sold me out since childhood to this sytem especially becuz my mother's father was a war vetran and viscous pedophile to his children. Rumour had it that on top of his wife, his mistress and whatever disgusting things he did with children, he supposedly was THAT kind of mailman on his postal route in Weston, keeping the lonely housewives very happy.

So not only does this fa mily have alot to answer for they have alot of secrets to protect..and so does anyone else in the community connected to them.

For some reason even though my mother IS the original MK Ultra radiation experimentee, its my father who I am  treated like when it comes to heing targeted. I dont understand this at all.  My mother claimed to work with a crime syndicate. If this is so then why would she drop a claim against the US govt like MK Ultra?

Perhaps due to being involved with said crime organization she considers herself smart enough to know better than to mess with that level of power. However in terms of mind control and the NWO it simply means she's much more easily controlled than my father was.

My father was targeted into insanity for talking about this subject matter openly. My mother chose to take action through proper channels and then become silenced once she was stalked and harassed.

I was always treated like an asshole by my maternal family due to not giving in to fear, ignorance, stupidity and deception. They absolutely hated me for asking questions constantly for being Mediterranean in appearance and for using logic when presented with emotional blackmail or intimidation.

The NWO, our country since Bush rewards people like my family. In the 80s a therapist my mother made me go to heard my story and immediately realized she was the problem not the scapegoating she was attempting. Nowadays a kid could never get that kind of use of reason, truth and common sense from a mental health professional especially one being independent enough to make such a judgement call.

These chsnges started coming into play around late Clinton..just when I began to experience being stalked, harassed and targeted with technologies. True this was two years after the Presidents Advisory Committee on MK Ultra and radiation experiments but why two years afterwards? And wby wasnt my mother targeted in the same manner?

Some things about my case dont make sense probably becuz I am looking at it from being involved in it.

A friend who works in security said he would never mess with this level of the shadow government -that they make people disappear and "not my family". I dont tell him what's going on but i think he knows anyway probably from his sources.

If everyone refused to comply with corruption how could they then succeed with intimidation?

America claims to be a united we stand sort of place but i dont think that we are when it comes to our own oppression. Too many people think its perfectly fine to sell someone out for extra money. People are also intimidated due to targets not being able  to get help.

I knew that theyve got the whole thjng down legally. Why would they risk being accountable?

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