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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Whole Foods Prospect St Cambridge Being Douches Again

Getting harassed at whole foods again specifically the one in Cambridge MA on Prospect St.

Whole foods is extremely self righteous in the way its employees perform organized stalking and harassment aka 'gang stalking'.

When I file a testimony of war crimes they and other major companies like Walmart will be listed as major perpetrators of gang stalking, mind control through technologies and utilizing such methods to control consumers, thereby increasing sales and gaining their position as corporate monopolies domestically and internationally.

The Whole Foods on Prospect St in Cambridge MA, the store near Symphony and Berklee college of music in Boston MA, the one on Washington St in Brookline MA and the store in Austin TX have been the most overt and obnoxious in perpetrating gang stalking in the United $tates.

If all these assholes are going to try to put any of this under my being targeted due to keeping bad company (as if forcing me out into the street left me a lot of choices in who I hang out with. If I am with anyone unsavory ITS THE SYSTEMS FAULT, THE COPS INVOLVED AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO RUINED MY LIFE. THIS IS NOT HOW I WOULD HAVE PLANNED MY LIFE. AMERICA DID THIS TO ME. A country that will do anything to not admit its war crimes against humanity world wide.)
..or some bullshit from that federal investigation then its going to be more documentation of how that entire investigation has been used to cover for continued MK Ultra activity as well as victim witness tampering.

This also means that the people who do harassment at these stores SUPPORT LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL PEDOPHILE/PORN NETWORKS as well as creating horrible, suffering people who create destruction in the USA known as LONE SHOOTERS.

these people are very lucky I have control as I've stated on this blog for years.

I'm a Survivor of high level programming, ritual abuse my mother is documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra and YOU'RE TOYING WITH ME AND TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL ISOLATED FROM HUMANITY AND PISSED OFF??

These yuppies/trustifarians/hipsters in these stores must have a fuckin death wish.

Luckily usually females can resist the homicide/suicide urge or death by cop.

I've documented I've come very close years ago.(2008-St Louis, MO)

Think about that next time u deal with a snooty Starbucks barista or an uppity, passive aggressive clerk at Whole Foods.
These useful idiots are getting people killed. American citizens. Little children at schools. Innocent people.

Those companies are corrupt in some way that they need to play for this system and many of them are playing literally for corporate chain store world domination.

The price is what you see on the news and the misery on the streets. Its not just exploited human beings in third world countries-its you. The first world consumer.

You are purchasing your own misery, enslavement and destruction of civilization. These companies utilize these technologies in a way that constitutes war crimes.

What do you really know about the clerk you are dealing with or the corporate chain you purchase from?

Gang stalkers are some of the most viscous, heartless, nasty, inhumane and cold hearted individuals I've dealt with in my lifetime.
And I'm a ritual abuse Survivor, a former worker in adult entertainment and my maternal family supposedly were involved with organized crime in some way (according to my mothers intimations AND OVERHEARING LOCALS TELLING EACH OTHER THAT FACT about my family) -my uncle involved with very violent people.
ALL OF THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO ORGANIZED STALKING AND HARASSMENT. Those people had some sort of humanity it seemed in comparison.

You don't understand how eerily inhuman gang stalkers are. They are not normal human beings. They are a phenomena I've never come across before in all my experiences in life.
For people who resemble serial killers psychologically to act in an organized group that spans a network nationwide...shouldn't be and doesn't make sense.

This is why people have melt downs and start taking seriously theories like aliens, clones or androids. Its tempting because the people you deal with doing harassment aren't human. They don't act normal, behave normally nor do they seem to have any intuitive qualities that would clue them in about what they are doing.

This ultimately is what makes lone shooters and the like snap. The alienation from humanity by beings that look like people but aren't part of normal humanity. Lone shooters are basically reacting to a scenario of seeming to be surrounded by beings that are alien. Like those zombie movies. A survival instinct.

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