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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hal Turner White Supremacist Radio Host Was FBI Informant/Provocateur So Why Did He Self Destruct?

The court order on this site madere e curious.

I looked up Hal Turner.

So if he's simply a provocateur trained by the FBI and his activities were falsehoods or deceptions on the public then why did he continue such actions in his personal affairs as well as exhibit genuinely violent unbalanced behavior that got him personally into legal trouble?

This shows that the people the intel services and feds are using are mentally unbalanced damaged individuals.  Who are capable of getting out of control.

Its also possible that such people are actually programmed captives of  mind control thus can be utilized then forced to self destruct.

What are the feds doing still involved with COINTELPRO like activity when such operations were supposedly ceased years ago.

This man was obviously reacting to intense pressure and feelings of abandonment and helplessness.

He might have started off doing genine racially aware activism why he got involved with feds only he can say.

The new COINTELPRO seems to be focused on white rights or self defense/cultural preservation and any activism that questions the  NWO agenda where Diversity,  Equality,  double standards and as in Europe, mass immigration are being used to break down middle class societies,  cultures and even entire nation's identities.

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