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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Project Avalon Forum: A TI Recalls Onset Of Being Targeted

Bush, reptiles, mind control and the innocent.

"I had just started taking anti-depressants, prescribed by a former Navy Dr. at the university I attended. Then, it started. I believe my medications were “doped” now in retrospect. Last thing the former Navy Dr. on campus asked me before I left his office for the last time was "did I start hearing the voice of God?". I said, I did not believe in God."

"I was in the prime of my life, remarkably accomplished for such a young man, in graduate school earning a degree in solving other peoples’ problems."

"Around that time, Bush was trying to get elected for his second term. We were at war and Sept. the 11th was still fresh in the minds’ of people. After beginning the medications during the 2004 election cycle, voices I could not see started trying to intimidate me. It was coordinated (even in the 3-D world) and at first, very effective. I was frightened, alone and did not know what was going on. It is no small feat that I finished my thesis and earned my degree.

Bush, got elected. The rest is a horrible history of this country. I was able to resist the psychological and spiritual assault as best I could, part of the reason why I earned some respect I believe. If I had gotten shot, it would have been over. If I lost a leg, the pain would have ended. It was much worse."

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