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Monday, April 28, 2014

Harvard Business Review: What Business Can Learn From Modern Organized Crime

Interesting how most TIs aren't aware of the trends in the world. Put this info with what we know about the classified technologies and other capabilities as  well as being realistic about how corrupt authorities are-we now live in a world that's basically constantly dominated by oppressive corrupt authority as well as world wide organized crime.

This is the enslavement of the NWO.
No privacy, constant war, constant exploitation, no peace or true order anywhere. Just constant war of some variety. Either manufactured by the military industrial complex or corporations, banks and organized crime trying to take what a citizen has. It will never end now.

Its not worth having anything or living in society becuz someone will always ruin or take what you have.

Nobody cares or is rebelling. People are becoming sheep simply to avoid being targets of some sort of misfortune.

I wonder how much gang stalking is due to org crime networks. The description of the people they are outsourcing to sound a lot like perps profiles. Especially the breaking the law and bragging rights part.

So the world has to suck now becuz someone invented technologies and gave them to humans which obviously was not a good idea.

I hate this fuckin planet. And when you do find someplace decent or livable they destroy it.

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