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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gotcha! Pics Of Overt Gangstalkng Perp In Starbucks Cambridge, MA

Dude walked out of elevator on second floor of Starbucks past me sitting in chair that's located right at elevator.

He walked by me with his wrists in a position exactly like a criminal would have his hands positioned in handcuffs. Of course this was meant to catch my attention and it did. As I was pulled in by this, he removed his hands from the hand cuff gesture or formation then put his left hand on his left back pocket to perform the 'wallet tap' tactic. Note THERE WAS NOTHING IN HIS BACK POCKET and he also held his hand there for a long amount of time, longer than would be necessary to check something if there were anything in the back pocket.

He was unusually cool calm and collected and showed no reactions or facial expressions connected to performing harassment on someone.

The last pic he was with a young Asian woman.

They left quickly after these photos were taken.

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