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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wiki How: Accept Social Isolation for Targeted Individuals


This was strange to read. It strikes me as infinitely sad due to the fact that it shouldnt be happening anyway especially according to international human rights laws and other laws and rules..just the average state of mind of any sane person especially living in the western world.

The fact that someone had to create a wiki how for this subject, says enough in itself.

However it was helpful. Just to be reminded by something short and cartoonish that this is real. Its actually happening.

Ive recently become very isolated-from other Targets and also due to my second life, identity and home I'd acquired for myself being destroyed-removed once again from my own life repeating the same process as the original betrayal in 2003.

I cant travel anymore like I did due to health issues (much of this coming from pre existing conditions mixed with a year long exposure to Fukishima radiation) and obviously due to Fukashima and now the Carlsbad, NM nuclear accident my beloved southwest and California, my second home in winters, are totally off limits probably for the rest of my lifetime.

Harvard Sq, Cambridge,MA where I was born, where my parents met, thats been my homebase for years now as a road traveler has become intolerant to the homeless. Not completely but it does not tolerate the little village or family we had out here for years. The Boston Bombing as well as alot that happened thats very suspect when I was away out west last year has made Harvard Sq shun the houseless population.

All of these changes has made it easy for the perps to close in on me and basically turn me very bitter and keep me controlled more than every before-like how strictly racist Ive had to become to survive, only allowing myself to continue to be friendly with African Americans Ive known for a time or to be friendly only to those who are clearly friend not foe.

Its become a very lonely, hurtful and sad job to be me in the last year. When I am heavily targeted it keeps running in my head what that perp in NM said years ago-"You will be very lonely if you tell the truth about what happened".

I know that's just more manipulation to keep me silent. It never mattered before when my Traveler life was complete.

I suppose I never realized before how much my life I had invented for myself as a Traveler after being ripped from my old life in Boston had supported me through the many years of being targeted across the USA.
All the places I was welcomed for so many years, all the acquaintances I had in each city. I used this lifestyle to keep me learning, active and as diversion while I worked on my activism. A creative adaptation to circumstances imposed on me by outside forces.

This Wiki How brought me back to the basics I needed to know as a person who was new to being aware of my predicament, known to common citizens as 'gang stalking'.

Its kind of an innocent, perhaps naive solution to a sophisticated high level covert operation designed to torture someone to death...or at least into behavior modification designed to turn people into zombies or mindless puppets.

Its akin to a Wiki How for surviving a torture program at Guantanamo Bay prison camp or the like.

Its a defenseless Target's how to. It never mentions get a lawyer. But its good advice in the beginning.

All the lawyers I sought in the beginning were corrupt. They worked for the system.

There's no way someone who's ill  prepared for a gang stalking campaign to go 24-7 is going to be able to do much else other than what's in this wiki.
Especially someone who is going through internal deprogramming or facing layers of deadly suicide programming.

Its so simple that it might work becuz  a newly aware Target isn't capable of much else.

I would have added  to look out for saboteurs and disinfo agents in the TI activist groups.

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  1. I did like that article and agree with almost all of it if not all of it. Its great advice I feel. Do not trust courts, and the system to help you. The dr's, lawyers, etc. are all lovers of the world and the worldly systems. All you can do is try to win souls for Jesus. Not many will listen or hear the truth but some will. Most people despise the truth so its a hard task winning souls. Some people will have a love for the truth and that love for the truth will set them free, but it comes with a small price which is isolation and persecution. We do know however that we are misfits and cant fit in to the society because we know its a slave system based on deception. Its a lot harder trying to conform to the wicked system, than standing for truth and love and being isolated and persecuted. We tried to conform to the system but we had too much of a heart to not speak out against its hypocricys and lies. We couldnt conform if we tried and ya know what Im happy I dont conform to the evil that presents itself as righteous. Its a lot easier being real, truthful, forgiving, loving, not conforming, than it is to be fake, ignorant, heartless, deceitful, incompassionate conformist. The word of God is true and its all right there in the book. You wont find the true meaning in these worldly churches but you will find it on your own in the words of the bible. YAH bless!!!!!!!