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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Major Tech Firms Getting Blocked Out Of Global Economy Due To Involvement In NSA Spying Programs/Anti Terror Programs Used To Hide Human Experimentation-Re education Behavior Modification Programs

"Cisco Systems has said it is seeing customers, especially overseas, back away from American-branded technology after documents revealed that the NSA enlisted tech firms and secretly tapped into their data hubs around the world as the agency pursued terrorism suspects. Companies such as IBM, AT&T and Verizon Communications are facing angry shareholders, some of whom have filed lawsuits demanding that the companies disclose their participation in NSA intelligence programs."

Pursued terrorist suspects? Are they serious? This is the legit cover story they've been using to torture Targets as well as continue black projects originated in the likes of MK Ultra?

If you don't trust Snow den maybe he was put forward to reveal at least some believable corruption-either to open the door to claims that TIs are making or to ensure these levels are never revealed or believed.

Either way it shows TIs just how and why they could do what they did for so many years.

Basically these technologies Targets deal with create a Gitmo torture camp experience for targeted people,in plain site in public or private spaces.

Virtual Gitmo is the gist.


I looked up the local McDonalds in Central Sq Cambridge. Cisco Systems. But of course.
Major military contractor as well as provides services for govt and Intel communities.

I've posted about them before. Colleges, (MIT Cambridge, MA and Mass Art Boston) businesses as well as routers in private homes are Cisco. And I can always rely on the worst effects possible if Cisco is responsible for the WiFi signal.

One perp during the deadly campaign during Bush era claimed his dad worked for Cisco.

There isn't one McDonalds I've ever been too where the environment within the store did not produce psychological torture as well as cause acting out or a feeling of being monitored and interfaced with.

McDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks and major supermarket chains are the absolute worst for being tormented when patronizing a business.
There isn't one single store of those chains where as a TI I was and am not effected.

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