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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Israeli Tries To Mess With Me, Gets Served..@ Another College Town Another State

In another state  traveling. In an Ivy League college area.

On popular street college kids go, spanging.

Cops have been OK in this area other than doing their whole stalking and harassment of possibly the homeless or anyone who doesn't look conformist or rich. Which I guess they could be using as an excuse to be on my ass a lot at night but they use any excuse nowadays to serve the 1% interests and as we've seen from OCCUPY they simply get scumbags to ruin homeless scenes across the country so that those excuses are legitimized.

In this falafel shop trying to get WiFi to find my way back to a location.

I heard this female voice ordering food but she kept alternating her desired food items with harassment. "I want to order....a bully". "I want to order...bitch". It started out with bitch as this is their standard now and has been in use for a few years.

They have random people go by me like at Kenmore when I'm spanging and try to spread slander that I am a bitch. Its a staple. I notice that less and less people are listening to this or believing it or caring at all.

The tone of her voice and the raspiness was typical of many ISRAELI young females. I looked and surely she had the look also.
I asked if she was from Israel and one of her two gay friends answered yes for her. She got sheepish and stayed that way.

He asked wasn't she beautiful and I said they all had the same look they all looked the same over there. We discussed I agreed she was beautiful. I artfully controlled this situation. She was put down it was great. She got cowardly and tried to deny she was from Israel.
It was great.
Then I told the gay kid I had two Israelis when I was young.. he questioned details and we ended up reveling in my story. But again I HAD them..and thus she was meat also. Pretty meat right?

Funny how she ordered food but got served up instead.

Her tactic was similar to the infamous Monty Python episode where Cleese and Palin play chef and customer where Cleese sneaks alternately insults into the exchange. Eventually Palin questions him.

Its noted that a lot of psychology was toyed with in Python specifically by Cleese. He even used to parody some of the covert communications he saw on TV as a kid during WWII in Britain.

Israelis are consistently rude to me and they referring to me as a bitch has been part of my GS campaign for years.

This college is one favored by Jews and I notice I got active tactics from employees but when around another nearby college I was left alone.

Whatever. Too bad. I'm doing what I am supposed to do while I am alive on this planet.
Whoever it inconveniences must be doing wrong then.

Like 9-11 wrong. Like mass mind control managing society wrong.

What was telling was how much of a coward she turned into.

,then the local gold badge tried to come in and get stupid and whatever I did he also backed off.

Who knows if that was GS or just nowadays standard Stasi-esque 'you look poor homeless and a traveler and I hate you' from cops.

Again, just side characters in the video game designed to get in the way.


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