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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Take A Trip Away From Boston During The Marathon. Its Going To Be A Disgusting Display Of False Heroism

I'm getting the hell out of here for the Boston Marathon.

If yer a Targeted Individual you should do the same.

Its gonna be a security there nightmare

The local propaganda rag The Metro "newspaper" already has a cover with cop masturbations about how its the greatest police force in the world.

This is going to be less about the marathon than the securities complex presence and their crooked cops with their f*cking egos.

All based on one minor false flag operation.

Take a two week holiday like I am.

And verify yer whereabouts with photos or something.

It wouldn't surprise me when I return that some look alike was used to frame me up for an attempt at some horrid act of attempted terrorism.

As I write this I am getting the same tech interference that I got during Bush in the early part of this gang stalking campaign.

Which only proves to me that anti terror in the USA has been used to target dissidents, inconvenient people or as a cover for continued MK Ultra activity and ritual abuse. Becuz obviously a week or so before the marathon they are monitoring local communications for keywords.

Its known to many of us that key people seen in those marathon bombing photos were suspect.

And even if it was completely legit this area has the money and resources and tech capacity as well as heavy academic and private sector connections to past involvement in MK Ultra projects to be able to target people into becoming terrorists or going postal.

One of the kids was MIT right?

How long have I been dealing with them and the MIT area as a TI?

Raytheon, Boston Dynamics etc etc??

Get out of here for the time it takes for the city to do its thing and sell Boston Strong t-shirts or whatever.


Anonymous said...

In my case, some aspects of the psych. warfare has occasionally been as intense lately as it was in 1996-1997. It's been getting to Bush era levels as of late. It's like they are moving forward with their Grand Plans, which necessitates upping the intensity to Bush era levels, and I can see where they will surpass it soon.

Anonymous said...

You made me realised that GS exist in canada too.It explain a lot of what been through.
Thank You