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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Harvard Once Again Has To Define And Control The Local Homeless Population/Is My Former Companion A Perp?

So my former traveling companion screws me over with his new 21 yr old girlfriend, a real whiny little terror from Detroit, MI he picked up in Burlington, VT and suddenly he gets a first spot interview of his homeless story in the Harvard Crimson? Are you serious? He's only been out here for two years and he spent all last year driving me nuts on the road.

He and his girlfriend purposefully were mean and exploitative of me as I tried to help her when she came down here from VT. I looked her up on a social networking site and she is also a spoilt little brat middle or upper middle class kid, whos own mother posts comments on posts telling her to look in the mirror. However she keeps bragging she's from Detroit. (Hmm...I got invasion of body space perped by a black guy with a red t-shirt that said "Detroit" on the bus. Could just be a jerk from MI. )

By her actions it seems she has this immature delusion she's going to run me out of the square or something, and does things like flies signs announcing they are engaged or writes graffiti on the walls of the Holeyoke Center restrooms about her and he being together forever. Everyone I talk to thinks its really petty. Of course most of the actual core homeless arent in this Crimson interview project.
She might even work for the gang stalking system either through him or by some connection of her own.
I dont mind if they get on with their lives, in fact I was helping him to get on with her and a new storage space thats more convenient becuz of his being helpful to me when I was very sick and needed a travel companion. The plan was to have him go his own way becuz I am starting to unravel in alot of ways. However, if she wants to turn her new relationship into making me feel uncomfortable in my own territory that was my dads and is now mine...thats not acceptable. That happened once in 2003 I was driven from my home and its not going to happen again, especially since my connection to Harvard goes back to my parents meeting here and my dad making livable squats in the area in the late 60s.
My city. Mine.

In case anyone is curious, recall my candid posts about my former companion. For all of his helpfulness to me in a time where my health was critical he is  not the best human being in the world. (With living in oppression up against absolute powers, you may find people you can trust but there is a high price either morally or spiritually).

There are alot of people of bad character out here and thats not something the Crimson is covering in their piece on Harvard's Homeless. The cops and everyone else knows whos out here and its basically a lot of sex offenders (whether they can afford to pay off or not so they dont get arrested and have to register is irrelevant), pedos, people on drugs and an endless supply of informants for police as well as people either in on gang stalking or aware of the campaigns and its existence. (How much they know or are capable of understanding is always in question but most people who are homeless are of bad enough character that they wouldnt blink an eye at unethical human experimentation or MK Ultra projects etc.)
There are genuine cases of need and being truly oppressed as there are many of being truly down and out- like myself and a woman out here who has MS who's waiting for housing as well as kids who are just young and experimenting or genuine free spirits.  Harvard's homeless are people who are targeted (whether they know it or not) or people trying to find themselves, artists, Travelers, dirty kids- funky interesting types.
However, lets not romanticize the scene.
Also this is yet  another piece of media making the homeless seem like helpless, one dimensional beings- basically a never ending line of people with sob stories.

That 20th century crap has to end. People need to really know who is out here and be aware that sob stories as they are marketed by the media are the result of homeless people being forced to pander to the system and basically lie about who they are and hide becuz homelessness and poverty to a lesser extent, are still vilified by our capitalist society. There are genuine sad stories but there is always more too it as well as many people who are very traumatized without support are likely to stay homeless becuz it provides a tribal/family environment where they feel safe, looked after and free of social demands. If its due to the system burning someone very badly, why would they go back to living in society? Once you've faced how big the monsters are that run powerful countries, you seldom want to take part every again.

As long as we have these babysitters and outsiders representing us we will consistently be misrepresented and oppressed. (If a movement started with internal representation, it would probably be infiltrated by working for the authorities anyway). Harvard is trying to do the best Liberal good by making society once again feel sympathy for the homeless or at least understand who it is these new YUPpies run into every day in thier neighborhod and true enough its better than alot of other places would AZ for instance.
However, I notice that the basic content of the writing is that these people either once had normal lives the public can relate to or they are on thier way to trying to get back to whats considered 'normal'- and that is defined first and foremost by being housed.

My former companion, his girlfriend and countless other people that such pieces feature are not the core of homeless scenes where they are staying. These are not people that we would choose to represent us or even to speak on homelessness.
For example, my former companion, his girlfriend and at least one other person in this piece are people who have not been out that long, are not people who are going to be out very long. They are people who basically want to go back inside as they are very uncomfortable being houseless.
These are people who whine a lot about being houseless, the conditions they live under and arent opportunists as in getting the most they can out of being homeless. They have not adapted and furthermore dont seem to consider the benefits of what started out as a bad situation born of necessity.

Its not the 90s anymore. The public no longer consider us the latest worthy cause or social issue to focus on. There are no Tracy Chapman songs about driving in fast cars for escapism then getting a job as a checkout girl to run away with the car's driver someday after taking care of a dying father. Nor songs telling normal housed people that if they were out here, then they'd "really know what its like". (BTW, the Chapman song is lame ass and as a homeless person makes me want to give up due to it being so whiny, self pitying and pandering to making reasonable excuses for being homeless...and pandering to the donations dept).
Unfortunately in the USA and perhaps abroad, the public are never told the truth about 'what its like' thus they misunderstand our very existence. Nowadays they basically cant stand us generally and want us marginalized and away from day to day existence.  Terrorism and the economy have driven Americans to be cautious and much more conservative about what they will tolerate. Likewise, the homeless population has become larger and for some reason more bold and full of indecent morons who are screwing up things for everyone in every part of the USA. I travel, I know whats going on out there.

Besides I have personally experienced that within the homeless population the intelligence networks actually have people working for them. Scary people many of them damaged or their job is to appear that way.

Americans are endlessly naive about the dark side of a civilization. In a population like 'The Homeless' where there isnt even any representation from within its ranks and much of what goes on is hidden from the public do you not think that the seedier forces of society would not take advantage of that? Its not surprising that everything from prostitution to drugs to police informants to intelligence agents is connected to homelessness.
Its a cover for many things just as prostitution, another culture that exists in a grey area hidden from the public and kept mysterious to them, is covering up money laundering, arms dealing, drugs, human trafficking and pedophile rings. Even murder. And of course, like the entertainment industry, is a haven for mind control slavery. One could say that a prostitute under a pimp's control is brainwashed. How else would such a relationship work? Pimped women are a bit different than independent workers.
Intelligence networks hide mind controlled slaves in these ranks and thats one of the areas its obvious it connects to organized crime. Its funny...they hide actively useful MC slaves in prostitution then when its 'time to go' and you are no longer of use, you get targeted into the homeless population and discredited as being mentally ill or a horrible person who deserves such fate- of course that slander is based on your former association with the first culture mentioned. Its all so convenient! Like the mafia owned construction companies so they had a place to dispose of bodies (in the cement). Gotta think efficiently when you are a criminal!

Why trust what the Harvard Crimson tells you about homeless people? There is no background checks no character witnesses, no references, no documentation. Those people could say anything. And to be honest if I were to agree to be interviewed which I would not, I would have to by deceptive about my situation to not be immediately perceived as mentally ill.
I want very badly to explain away the piece's content as the results of naive youth of the author but I have experienced these same kids over the years taking part in the sophisticated gang stalking system.
I would love it if I was interviewed and could say I was a Targeted Individual for eight years or if any of the whistle blowers Ive met over the years could have thier say in how they fit into the homeless population.

Harvard University is the elite. Harvard was one of the institutions documented to have been involved in MK Ultra projects. Harvard University professors use local escort services, just like any other lonely, successful men or men who dont have time for relationships. Harvard abuses power. According to locals in thier ethics classes they teach only what world leaders and others in power have been arrested for. In other words, what you probably cant get away with.

Harvard's control of the area's homeless shelters also takes away any chance at an alternative homeless club or hostel being run in this area of Cambridge by the only shelter available being the winter/summer programs of the Harvard Sq Homeless Shelter run exclusively by students and outside volunteers and a new youth shelter (this is misleading becuz the people behind this planned shelter are students from the Harvard Sq Homeless Shelter winter/summer program!).
Actually this new shelter could devastate what is left of the Harvard scene becuz the police might start doing nightly sweeps and simply tell people that they have to stay at the shelter and can no longer hide somewhere in Harvard at night.
However Harvard is clever in keeping tight control on the gates to the area if you will. There is a desire by us and by the residents to keep people out of the area who would exploit its culture and monetary status by having a shelter here that would allow just anyone as most regular shelters do, without the rules and standards of the HSHS.
People dont understand how ghetto Central Sq Cambridge is and the homeless from that area are drunks/ addicts from a wet shelter called 240 Albany Street where you have to be on drugs to stay there. Those are NOT the same demographics and our scene is a completely different culture. One that is being destroyed by the same repeat offenders are every other culture in society right now in the USA: Yuppies and ghetto culture. African American ghetto culture defines most of the homeless communities in the USA. Harvard and other select areas are the only way to live in something safe, alternative, intellectually stimulating and away from a negative culture that is destroying western civilization world wide- and in the USA keeping the privatized prison system to 90% capacity at all times. ( Like it or not the reality of the 21st century is that racial equality is being used as a Trojan horse mechanism to destroy civilized western society. Its not about race anymore or the old civil rights agenda. Its about class wars, poverty and the exploitation of the poor. Homelessness is the last human rights frontier in the USA. Within this sphere, no outsider dare to speak to any of us about thier standards of Equality, Diversity etc. Lest they would like to live among us.)
 There was a time when the cops were on our side just a few years ago where, if the kids from Boston  came to deal drugs in Harvard and they got too obnoxious they would be arrested repeatedly until they got the message. We love Harvard becuz for all of its selling out it will not pander to the most destructive, racist, keep down culture that worships underachievement or achievement through a total lack of moral compass. Its shocking to me that new cops here ask people why they choose to come to Harvard instead of Boston. Duh. Becuz being homeless or dealing with political oppression is bad enough- giving in to a culture that demands you become a dumbed down animal and glorify its process the whole while is beyond suicidal.

Another reason to hide homeless reality from the public. Look how much crime is connected to the black communities which at once foster a victim status and contain some of the most connected gangs in the country fast becoming world wide, proven to have become successful by dealing crack for the CIA viz Iran-Contra. ACORN is an example of an organization that exists in this culture and hides its connections to organized crime while claiming to help victims of oppression. (Underage ones at that.)
Smart people know this and want nothing to do with it. Harvard provides that as do many affluent artistic, intellectual centers where there is a trickle down effect benefiting the homeless in the area.

What would happen if some of us pulled an old school Cambridge style stunt as in how the Women's Center was secured- by squatting a building to create a clubhouse or shelter all our own, finally not run by the social workers and babysitters and NOT a free ride? Work to stay, contribute and pay a small fee either nightly or for membership. We can keep out the troublesome homeless that none of us want to deal with as we know the cops dont and the residents also do no. At least the HSHS has a structure that allows them to get rid of sh*theads fairly quickly and thier decorum sets a standard of behavior for the residents that stay there (when they aren't taking part in gang stalking or keeping down a person troublesome to the system lol).

This is not even approached or thought of in any content we see in reference to 'homeless people'. Its all about sob stories or excuses based on claiming they are going inside to be like normal people as soon as possible. Anyone else, especially older is portrayed as a lost cause. A vagabond. Modern day peasants. (Peasants had a more cohesive culture and probably dressed better, more like Travelers.)

If I tried a stunt like this today in what is supposed to be a Liberal Leftist mecca I would be arrested and probably charged with not only trespassing but some sort of terrorism bs. It wouldn't even be seen as an attempt at revolutionizing a scene or fighting for freedom of a people. It would be a violation of law, an attempted interruption of the status quo and business as usual. It would offend people. No one has time for such things- they are all trying to network, succeed at Harvard, make connections, pay off loans and cement thier careers living of the Harvard brand name.

No one even understands what kind of homeless scene grows around a place like Harvard or UC Berkeley or Austin TX etc. They are portrayed as standard 'homeless' people with lame stories. Referring to them as 'Harvard's Homeless' gives them even less power as Harvard I guess has some sort of ownership over these people. Instead of the scene being part of Harvard Sq itself. You are part of..but still marginalized.

Would you trust a write up about the homeless from an elite Ivy League college publication? Think about this for a moment. Now that you are thinking and not being led around by the nose, I assume the answer is 'no'.

Alot of spin is put on homelessness in this 20th century fashion that is counter productive as well as manipulative. It hides all of the human and civil rights violations within the homeless industry and culture which includes the actions of the community itself where the homeless reside usually by thier law enforcement. Harvard however is lenient and tolerant but there is absolutely no mediators between the homeless population and the community itself. Police informants and people that are friendly with cops are not adequate mediators by definition. A few years ago the police were more familiar and communicative with us but now they seem at war with us due to events that were probably facilitated by outside forces- even black ops type companies or at least covert actions to cause chaos to create this now need for false order. Its the latest thing law enforcement is up to in every city..that or the business associations.

Now if there was a true understanding of the homeless by the community and a legal, sensible connection via representation etc then it would be harder to oppress this population in this way and it would be easier for the communities that have homeless populations to manage them- to stop bad squatting, severely mentally ill people making trouble, harassment of residents, aggressive panhandling etc. All the things that no society should have to deal with from street people.

Articles like this only keep in place a sick, deceptive and exploitative relationship that society has with 'The Homeless' in every city and town around the USA. The homeless that arent corrupt or mercenary as well as the communities suffer. All the usual assh*les get what they need and want of course- the crooked cops, the drugs dealers and whoever else can benefit from disadvantaged people existing in an oppressed, underrepresented, marginalized society where much of what goes on is hidden and the public are kept ignorant about how the society is structured and what demographics exist in it.

Spare Change newspaper is bs and I bet the moment that anyone started to make any sort of impact in a homeless newspaper the person would be targeted out of the scene or the newspaper would shun them or it would cease to be etc.

There is a reason that Reagan released all the mentally ill from the institution in the 80s and he and Bush's administration had alot to do with getting crack cocaine onto the streets. Then during Clinton the gentrification began making homelessness worse. Then 9-11, the war, terrorism and Bush's America where humans were drastically devalued. During Obama its the economy.
Its been engineered over decades to ensure that dissidents cannot operate out of coffeehouses or can rise up from the streets. Who have you seen as an example of that other than people rising up out of black ghetto culture to some sort of success?

Recall that Valleley when alongside Aquino  in authoring the MINDWAR paper were trying to certain things about American culture- namely the counter culture.    Look around you- by way of what was conceptualized in that paper as well as decades of influencing events and social engineering- they have succeeded.

As if Harvard would not be part of if not backing that sort of agenda.

Truly dissident voices are no longer allowed to be heard in the 21st century. All the latest and tried, true, tested methods of intelligence and military know how are used to keep western civilization orderly according to the agenda of interested parties with the power to do so. Unless of course they require chaos then it is carefully crafted and manufactured- for your consumption.

A total false environment. A soft core or hidden military dictatorship. And no one sees it or very few.

I dream of having a homeless tv show on CCTV or a real homeless publication with meaning. However, that will never happen in the USA not past the 90s nowadays and these ideas I just mentioned here might be taken up by disinfo agents posing as people like me so as to make sure only  versions of such  good ideas are not a threat to the status quo come into existence or  can be quickly rendered harmless. Another passing fad or media content in our still throw away society.

Tech advances and mass communications have allowed the designers of reality to take control of the world we live in and ensure its completely fabricated. Information control and deception are the main components. Its hard to tell what alt news sources or voices are credible or working for the very system they claim to be fighting against.

Breaking new ground, innovating or trying to restore a balanced, truly civil society is totally unacceptable nowadays. That is  the worst kind of terrorism in the minds of the powers that be.

The Homeless are full of people who are strong or extraordinary due to their boldness, physical endurance, agility both mental and physical, good looks that stay even under such conditions specifically Travelers.  Most normal people who even become homeless go to shelters for a short time and then get their situation rectified immediately. To venture out to the fringes of society takes more.
The people being represented as helpless sympathy cases that are forced to pander to average people in society for approval in pieces like this are a population that the powers are afraid of. Imagine anyone in our ranks with any sanity left organizing, getting rid of the idiots and infiltrators and moving towards some sort of political and economic autonomy. Think about the conditions we live under. We are like soldiers in a never ending theatre. There is always fighting or emergency situations. You would not believe the homeless conditions I have seen that resemble third world country standards like in San Diego CA etc where the homeless are completely marginalized from the rest of the community, unlike Harvard Sq's homeless population.

Yet, my travels, documentation and research have resulted in mapping out just a fraction of this country's homeless scenes and populations. Does it seem like articles as linked above are trying to really communicate who and what is really out there or just misrepresent the local houseless people and pander excuses for their existence to a housed, employed,  functional society?

There is a reason that the system keeps homeless people in a grey area where they are tolerated yet marginalized. I dare anyone to really try to fully oppress us, make us get housed by force or make homeless camps like the ones in South Carolina. (I agree with the city's decision, its thier right to create such a solution to thier homeless problem and its not a camp that keeps people against their will as the Liberal media have claimed.  It simply tells homeless people they cannot sleep in the city they have to stay at the camp instead and can leave to go away from town when they please. Again, another grey area where the protection of the city and its residents is used as the rationale and this works well when employed in only one or a few areas. However looking at pics their homeless scene is overcrowded, disgusting, disorderly and out of control. This sort of tolerance then switch to total zero tolerance is the problem with every part of the USA. There needs to be a management of the population and standards of behavior set. If people cant adhere THEN put them in jail and camps.)

This would cause an uprising, a rebellion or some sort of formation of an alternative scene to form which is what should be happening anyway. Its why bad behavior is tolerated. Its why the people above are being misrepresented or allowed to misrepresent themselves.
Its unacceptable especially since homelessness in America is utilized in such disgusting ways for political ends that are sinister and connected to organized crime, war crimes, civil and human rights abuses.

Until homeless club houses exist that aren't run by shills for the system and infiltrators who will do the system's corrupt bidding, I wouldnt listen to any elitist publication or anyone else for that matter on the subject of homelessness.

Its interesting to be witness to the fascinating occurrence of symbiotic relationships between both the lowest classes and the highest powers which seem to benefit each other in such a complimentary fashion- both of course being of bad character and out for themselves. For all my love of Harvard and feeling safe here, I cant deny that they are actively still involved in MK Ultra connected projects, behavior modification and any number of elite games serving thier interests.

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I highly recommend the YouTube video "TARGETED INDIVIDUALS SPEAKS" which was a televised panel of TIs.