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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Potential Health Danger From Being Targeted With Electromagnetic Technologies—I Didn't Survive This Long To Be Incapacitated By An Aneurysm/How Being A Moving Target Might Save TI Lives

Recall I posted  about St Elizabeth's hospital years ago.  In 2005 a resident I saw there perped me and shocked me by telling me basically that  I had an injury from a car accident at 21 yes old in NH where some vein in my head or artery was damaged and was in danger of bursting.

I realize now that  the gang stalking  system works with people  giving the Target information who seem like they are harmful like the people out to kill  off  the TI.

I realized my taking Elmiron for IC  (interstitial cystitis) was thinning my blood and preventing that from  happening.  (Elmiron was thus helpful,  aside from the batch I got in Illinois while staying at  that hostel in St Louis,  MO which someone slyly advised me not to take.  Of course I did anyway partly out of being traumatized  into  disbelief and partly because the scientist within needed to find out what would happen. After realizing they had subtle but effective mind controlling drugs within that seemed to also assist the effectiveness of the technologies I got another bottle elsewhere.)

A few years ago there was a man with a hearing aid,  hanging out in Harvard,  bragging about mob associations from Vegas,  always with new things claiming he "found it"  or it was kicked down to him-homeless like the rest of us supposedly.
He was there just in time for the drugs to start flowing into Harvard Sq again after a detective retired who was keeping the area clean for years. Which seemed to be causing chaos and bringing in shifty homeless from out of town which has now years later had an accumulative effect of ruining the tolerance of the homeless in Harvard Sq Cambridge probably for years if not decades.  The Harvard Sq Business Association should be very pleased.

This man turned to me in the Cambridge Commons where we were all camping out and I will never forget this moment in time,  asked why that vein in my head never burst.  This was like 2011 Summertime.

Still this is focused on?  It was frickin 2005! It's still an issue? Obviously whatever I was doing to prevent it was working.

And I think leaving this area yearly has saved my life over the years.

I have stayed in Boston area this year for winter the first time since 2005!  Only in 2010 did I stay til first week Jan then left.  Usually go when gets unmanageable cold.
Granted after watching news AZ,  NM and SoCal were NOT safe destinations this winter.  Homeless shootings,  police brutality of protesters and earthquakes.

I am noting ill health progressing since remaining here for winter.
Past week off and on,  that area of my head is getting that familiar pain,  just like years ago.  Inside the skull in the right side where that weak blood vessel would be located.
I realized in 2008 at Mary Holiday's  home in MI,  after a phone call home to MA that my Interstitial Cystitis was on many occasions if not as a condition generally,  BEING INDUCED BY THE TECHNOLOGIES USED BY THIS SYSTEM (Gang stalking).  As it logically fit in that my heart attack like panic attacks were also caused by  the same system. (After going to an ER with what you think is heart attack the patient is always directed to psychiatry for follow up.  What a convenient way to get Targets into the psychiatric system.  Specifically Survivors who have changed their lifestyles by say getting clean off of drugs that were supposed  to get rid of them young and also suppress memories. This is why the journey through recovery and 12 step programs is very dangerous for Survivors).

By travelling I avoided having the same local systems that target TIs,  by state or region or however it works,  get a lock on me for very long.  Thus I avoided long term exposure to any one area where the tech and other components of gang stalking is designed to literally kill off a Targeted Individual.

My traveling through areas between major cities especially in sparsely populated states basically in the middle of nowhere or uninhabitable land,  lessened exposure time to these areas with different targeting system designs.

I also experienced a protective force,  a technological one as well as human forces from California.  Sadly due to Fukushima going out west is no longer an option and I wonder if that's on purpose.  For one of ths last remaining areas of some tolerance to become destroyed.

You can blow up or ruin a homeless scene in a city.  It's hard to stop tolerance in an entire state who's history is built on travelers,  tourists,  pioneers,  goldmines and the entire concept of great rewards for taking great chances.
I am very suspect of what has been destroyed by Fukushima.  Allegedly there are sound technologies that can cause natural disasters.

I don't want to have anything happen to incapacitate me like a stroke or an aneurysm would.  I can imagine how discredited I would be then and how the gang stalkers cruelty would focus on my new disabilities.

It's not that I care for myself but it will interfere with the mission and I can't have that.
If it happens I want this public.  That it's possibly brought on by technology or at least something environmental from this area.

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