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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lawsuit Against Bush And Blair For War Crimes International Lawyers Seek Justice For Iraqis

Many Targeted Individuals like myself claim that thier campaigns become 24-7, brutal, overt and began including severe torture both psychologically and physically in 2003 or so, right after 9-11 and during war time.

If you havent seen it, look up Bush joking at a dinner where he spoke, in reference to weapons of mass destruction. "I know those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somehwere around here!".

When you read this you begin to unfreeze or become free of the brainwashing tactics used on TIs and the public alike that make these brutal war crimes seem meaningless, invalid even a subject of fun.
Its a tactic to invalidate both the victims of these crimes and the citizens that had to be privy to them.

Other countries are not so mind controlled concerning these issues.

Its relavant to being targeted becuz of how severe and active many of our campaigns became during this time period. Some of us had our entire lives and futures ruined due to gang stalking campaigns being able to be hidden under the guise and confusion of war time or anti terrorism, especially abusing the Patriot Act. 


Ben said...

I started being directly targeted by V2K about a year ago.. 24/7 harassment. I did go to some antiwar rallies during the Bush admin, and did some other activism, but I didn't have the direct harassment ramp up until last year.

haze42082 said...

Its so hard trying to maintain in this society when your a minority. I am a white minority. I have never been a minority in fact I use to be prejudice and pick on minorities. Now God turned the tables against me and Im the minority. Im a minority because of mt religious and political views, which causes people to hate me. My views are all non violent, peaceful, truthful, and recognize equality is needed. I stand for poor people, equality, peace, truth, and Im the enemy. Im the enemy of the self righteous brainwashed, murderous, deceitful, society. I am against war and stand for peace so Im the enemy I guess. As the bible says you will be persecuted for righteousness, and you will be up against the world, but you are on the side of righteousness, truth, and love, so you should be accepting towards the persecution. Nothing new is under the sun. All the prophets and even Jesus the son of God were persecuted, jailed, and killed by the people and high officials. Its the same as today, people of heart being persecuted for righteousness.