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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Source Of Starbuck's Perps Gesture Choices Cud Be Local Workers At Homeless Women's drop Ins

This activity might stem from information ive been giving a volunteer at the Women's Center in Cambridge. There's a young woman there who's eager to talk to me always that I absolutely do not trust.

Two people recently have woven into our conversations the infamous perp questions " how long are you going to be here" or "how long are you going to be away?" Or "are you going to stay here?".

This pretty Jewish volunteer at the WC (who's friends with a Jewish girl at the On The Rise upstairs office they went to school together).

..and my physical therapist in Cambridge!

One gets used to this especially from today's young people who seem desperate to do whatever it takes to get ahead nowadays.

Its laughable of course becuz its easy to spot tactics that have been in use for such a long period of time and youngsters don't lie very well. They are more arrogant than they are expert.

Israel of course has been very active in my GS campaign over the years and many Jews especially.
But of course Jews with a superior moral compass than these have been helpful to me, which prevents me from turning extremist and bitter which of course they are totally trying to cause me to do.

What their problem is who cares? All sorts of agendas tie into GS.

Just keep fighting.

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