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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Am Supposedly Part Of A Real Life Game Where People Pay To Prevent My Being Killed.. Just Like The Movies

I am now being given  the ideation that there is a program i am in where people pay to know eep me from getting killed. There was a movie like this a few years ago.  A sicko had someone tied up in a room with gadgets and tools to kill his victim remotely. It was put over the Internet so that viewers could see the victim and pay electronically to prevent the person from being murdered.

A constant extortion if you will.  Terrorists negotiating a never ending ransom and getting it.

Supposedly i am a real life victim of a system that exists  but the viewing is done via surveillance and spying (gang stalking).

Im being given the idea that my paternal aunt's husband,  mr 'I work for the Boston Co as a head finance guy'  paid out a large sum years ago to keep me alive.

I was also 'shown'  that a famous rapper from Cali is so guilt ridden that he's offering to pay the latest ransom or stay alive money,  to keep whoever from killing me.

Uh.  Okaaaay.

Firstly dont negotiate with terrorists.  Secondly i wud have been better off being killed or in the beginning of all this,  committing suicide from three layers of suicide programming.

Lateky there's been a constsnt stream of remote influence content meant to humanize my abusers and tormenters as well as induce a state of forgiveness.

Needless to say this has been  part   of weakening me.

When i leave the metro Boston area such nonsense will cease.  As usual.

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