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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Charles Schlund dead

This post completed over many days in parts, ended with the realization of this information: http://ongangstalking.blogspot.com/2010/04/theory-of-big-picture-from-reader.html

Here is the link:http://www.indymedia.org/pt/2010/01/933850.shtml

I still dont fully buy it until I see a copy of the death certificate or an obituary.

This makes the whole thing more 'real' now. I feel that each on of us is so tied up into this mindset, created by the brainwashing system that is covert warfare, that we are marginalized-sort of dead anyway- and will all just keep fighting until suicide or death from old age...but still no one will believe us or help us in what we are doing as activists or victim witnesses.

However, according to the numbers or statistics, many people doing this kind of work against this kind of foe end up suiciding, having 'accidents' that are very conveniently timed, or cancer..once again conveniently timed.

I assume this sort of info is supposed to scare us all; to make the years of intimidation, limitation, blacklistings, harassment and brainwashing or modification seem even more valid. There comes a certain point where you realize the size and power of the force you are fighting. Still it doesnt matter: THIS TIME LINE IS FALSE AND CANNOT CONTINUE.
The 0nly thing that can set it straight is to tell the truth about what is and was hidden so as to show the true timeline as it should be not as it is.
Unfortunately, it cant be changed. The ruined lives, dead soldiers and much damage from many sources cannot be undone. I can never be 33 again, young, beautiful in my apartment at 335 Washington, Brighton, MA, waiting to get into UMASS and moving on from Jacob and my old associates with a future ahead of me. Charles Schlund can never have back his life force or the years they took from him ( if he was 100 % in the right or the good or the truth: so much programming is geared towards the person still working for someone even if they do not percieve this as they take action).

I still feel that the truth is worth revealing and even I do not understand why it is so important.

Charles Schlund is also someone I would have liked to talk to but I was directed away from him by a perp posing as TI in AZ who told me he was "just another TI who doesnt deal with the group much anymore". Hmph.


  1. Martin F. Abernathy4/15/10, 1:58 PM

    I knew Charles Schlund very well. I went out to Arizona to visit him and spent a couple of weeks at his house in Jan. - Feb. 2003.

    Here is his obituary from the Arizona Republic newspaper:



    Charles August Schlund III

    62 of New River, AZ, passed away
    on January 5, 2010. Visitation will be Friday,5-7:00 P.M. with a
    Sharing Service at 7:00 at Chapel of the Chimes Mortuary,7924 N 59
    Avenue in Glendale. Graveside Service will be Monday, 9:30 A.M. at the National Memorial Cemetery
    of Arizona, Pinnacle Peak Rd. 1/2 mile East of Cave Creek Rd.


    Martin F. Abernathy
    Providence, RI


  2. I sent Charles Schlund a Charlie Brown Christmas card for the last few years of his life ...I first made contact with him in November of 2007....We spoke a dozen times (as I have phone records) he sounded a little like "Tommy Chong" (another T.I.) from the torture...Ispoke to him before Christmas 2009 and he said he was going to take his grandkids to church,but he was being tortured VERY badly then and then , the Christmas card was returned to me on January 5th 2010 ..I called and got this response from a woman that answered the "cellphone" number..."We buried Charles today and ALL that "stuff" with him"!...and that was IT! ...I cried and still do!

  3. I first made contact with Chuck in July 1999. From 2000-2002 we were in frequent contact by e-mail.

    I first spoke to him by phone in January 2003, just before I went out to Arizona [from Rhode Island] to visit him.

    I have 2-3 hours of taped [with his permission, of course] phone conversations with him; recorded in 2007-08.

    Chuck was very definitely one of a kind, and I will *never* forget him.

    Martin A.

  4. Came across this blog in a Google search . Isad and glad (ambivalent) that others are reporting about "gangstaliking" . I used to refer to it as "persecution' until I found out it has re$ource$ to kill or make the target "crazy" and unbelievable . Well God bless you and be with you , journey well .