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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I stand by my work/ L. Ron Hubbard in San Diego, AZ and the Navy

You can keep messing with me all you want I stand by every post I put up unless I change it due to feeling it would serve the cause better if edited or not part of this body of work. I dont bow to pressure. By the way SD gets a C- for gs. Lazy, slow..typical.

Here is some info to add to that last post on L Ron Hubbards presence and influence on San Diego. Interestingly I have found that AZ was a major place for his work as well.

Towards the end of his life note that he saw the organization he created as something very different from his original purpose. This might explain why the organization clung to his image far after his death for promotional purposes with many believing him still alive as a result.

It would be very interesting if one was to find that his work became infiltrated and was then used by other parties for very different purposes than he intended. This would then make it a brilliant move on thier part to utlilize his work and his image as a shield of sorts as most arguments towards Scientology for some reason often focus on attacking their 'leader' or creator Hubbard. This makes it possible to keep attention away from what really goes in within the organization that is truly the problems. If one does some research one finds that victim witnesses have plenty to say about the organization not L Ron Hubbard.

I dont feel that any military coupled with a cult or religion mix well anyway. At least with Aquino if he is up to half the things hes accused of it wouldnt be out of the character of a Satanist, even using deception to gain power, protect oneself or get results. At least its pretty much laid out on the table. This is maybe more disturbing as MORE people seem to know of Hubbard's organization but dont know the details that explain the whole story.
Its interesting to read anyway.

The other thing about San Diego is the many Masonic symbols that are present but I cant see any energy grids in use.
What I am saying is concerning my post earlier, that man crushes the natural energy of a place by creating false environments. There is one way to create a false environment that creates energy not just destroys it: energy grids. They are all over MA and especially strong in places like Buffalo NY or anywhere with alot of this kind of Masonic archetecture. I see many symbols here but I dont sense a grid. The symbols dont seem to make up a grid system. In fact I often feel actively drained here of energy.
And there is something about the land here. Its so blitheringly obvious that its unsettled due to being an earthquake area. Also I note that buildings that are older seem to hold onto energy here in a very negative way. Back in Boston there is plenty of this kind of energy, and it seems to be held in check by the designs of the city layout and the buildings themselves. It seems to create harmony in the energies present. This may also explain why SD became very run down when the buildings got older and why its so popular to build new structures. Its amazing to me the amount of information existent in an older building here. Its so clear and strong. A bit too clear and strong. There is also something about the Pacific that is mega powerful and one senses this even in San Francisco. The energies of the Northeast are different more compact, solid and settled.

Due to this I started to wonder why there were so many Masonic symbols in the city. What is the association if it is not a true Templar association in the tradition of? I wondered if there is some connection to Hubbard, the Navy or could it be due to it being a major banking center?
It does seem like a Masonic association that is put on, superficial and very..uh, 'loud' if you will. A bit to obvious to register as genuine.

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