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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the world is essentially evil and most people approve of slavery

Its exactly what the title states. There is no such thing a freedom. Its a illusion or a result of people rebelling against the slavery of a system and usually paying very high prices for doing so.

And from what I have seen in the USA anyway is that most people approve of slavery and especially the kind of covert system that both TI's and mind control survivors are controlled by.

Most Americans I have encountered that know either my situation by knowing who I am or at least know that there are many targeted individuals in the homeless scene are more than happy to go along with this system. I often wonder if in another country this would be the case. Humans are selfish and very sick relating to this issue in every culture but I often wonder if in a more spiritual culture if this would be the case.

I am very controlled in CA, mostly due to its anti intellectual environment. San Diego just makes getting anything done very hard. You can feel the difference just getting on the train and going outside of downtown. Its interesting that I tell myself to just hop the trolley or bus to get out but find myself fumbling around downtown alot unable to get out during the day. Its a very controlled area.

At this time I am basically stuck. I cant take the herbs that were keeping me healthy due to Bactrim causing anaphylaxis and now I have many food allergies that have been induced. Due to this and the environment here I cant get off Benadryl long enough to get tested for allergies. I have many important things that need to be done but daily I seem to forget about them especailly law suits I would like to check out concerning the doc that gave me the Bactrim and writing to Albertsons corporate and the SD police about that employee that grabbed me last month and the police overtly coercing me and mistreating me. Funny how, being awake at 3 am seems to be the only time I can even remember these things to take care of them. During the day no matter how hard I try to remember to do them I forget they even exist and I cant seem to get out of downtown.

The company I am keeping lately is not helping. Having to act friendly to the local population has turned into being sucked into the local homeless scene and that includes the day shelters and some staff. I feel myself changing from who I really am and losing my sense of Self.
I also now realize that the reason the homeless system is so abusive is that they know damn well that many targeted people are in this population. It is there job to care for and further control over human experimentees, truama victims and any one in general who has been screwed over by the system. Some of them know that and some of them dont- conshusly anyway.

There is a new employee at one of the day centers for women. I enjoy new people as I can recieve some respect as a human being like a normal person. Then of course somehow they find out who I am. I get treated by most staff pretty shitty in most places, the only people that treat me well on this earth are people in higher positionsy of power. The bosses or owners, the doctors not the nurses or office secretaries. All middle management and most service people who get wind of who I am or what my predicament is play along with 'the game' or bask in the system's power.
I didnt trust the vibe or tone of voice I got from her today, even I could tell from her voice inflections that something was different than when I first encountered her. Her words and her voice were now geared towards control and a sense of disregard for personal respect. Its very easy to sense. And the words people use give them away, the way they form thier sentences. I was no longer recieved with respect as before but now with control and to show I am not imagining things, the reason for her interacting with me was that she had heard from staff that I was "A brilliant writer". This of course is BS due to the fact that I am a painter who is forced into being a writer. As a writer I am pretty bad actually. I dont use words well I have no formal education for literature or writing a piece properly and I dont have the writers knack for describing things well or taking people totally into another world in an elegant way. Being targeted by now I can hardly write at all I am so damaged and tired from years of this.
As far as I am concerned this is another ploy to placate me, to make me believe that i am getting something out of my situation when actually the system has done a very good job of keeping me down and destroying my life, health looks and talent. They will do and say anything to distract me from the fact that my life is destroyed and my future taken from me.
Its all part of handling a survivor who is targeted. This system is easy to keep tabs on due to it being a system of control and essentially mind control is used (brainwashing). Most of the tactics are pretty much the same and repeat themselves throughout a lifetime or a campaign. TO KEEP THE TARGETED PERSON FOOLED ALL THE TIME EVERY TIME AND FOR A LIFETIME IS THE GOAL OF THIS SYSTEM. You will be exposed to constant deception. That is the ONLY truth and the only constant. Once you know that you will have control over a system designed to control YOU.

The people involved in this system are terrified of truth. To them it threatens not only the power structure of our country, and pisses off a mostly male authority figure, it threatens them with having to look reality in the face which for some reason most of these people fear. My mother used to say that due to me being in NA, I had a view of life that was "really real" and then blamed "NA people" for thinking that way.
This of course is bs and the words of someone who is not very highly intelligent who feels very insecure doing battle with those of us who are thus the need to use any underhanded tactics or join groups to win at any cost.
This is why truly intelligent people just look sad or tired of life on this planet when they see what the system has done to me and is doing to me: that would be the kinds of people I told you about- doctors or higher ups. They know damn well that I am living way below my level in this life, that I am being purposely limited..they also understand the power of the mobbing group. This is why a TI gains true help or sympathy from only few and far between. Most people fall short of high intel and achievement- alot of people suck. And so they fuse together in mobbing groups. And authorities cant or wont do anything about it overtly anyway.

I believe the reason for these actions from large groups of people is that they are either unders some form of influence that they are not conshus of or like I have experienced with my own mother: they are afraid of you waking up and facing your own truamas becuz THIS WOULD MAKE THIERS VERY REAL TO THEM AND PRESENT THEM WITH THE REALITY THAT THEY INDEED HAVE TRUAMA THAT MUST BE FACED.
Once again we are dealing with cowards.
Didnt I tell you that you run into repitition in this system? And there it is again! Targeted Individuals do alot of talking and blogging about cowards as cowardice is a very large part of what the TI encounters and glaring examples are definately existent in the population of people who are perps or in on this bs.

The TI is obviously not a coward as thier inner journey has been but short by a system very afraid of anyone brave enough to delve into themselves or figure themselves out. You become a threat to not only the system, but ever truamatized abused person who would rather stay protected and in love with an abusive authority figure than to face what it has done to them and the world at large.

Its shocking to me how many people are so damaged but will still do ANYTHING to protect the abusive authority figure..and the childish, dream like culture that IS American culture that protects us from reality- and true healing.

The look on that woman's face today said it all. I hate using the word 'evil' becuz its reactionary as well as indicative of a Judeo-Christian outlook. Its also inaccurate becuz the people in this world who are truly 'evil' are in control of alot of power and would probably see my destruction as a waste of a resource.
The perps and the people in on this for whatever thier petty reasons are, are not 'evil'. They are not that strong nor that smart nor are they CAPABLE OF PRODUCING THAT MUCH PURE ENERGY. People who are purely evil and WILLFUL would probably gain my respect if nothing else.
But the perps and the herd in on this reek of one thing at thier core when scanned: FEAR. That is thier main motivator- its what drives them. That or weakness that makes them unable to fight or better yet REJECT the system.

I now believe that there are two kinds of people in this world: those that believe in or are part of the system as its laid out before them and those who do what is right on thier own conscience or by a higher sense of right and wrong.

Its very easy to sort people out: anyone who thinks these campaigns are amusing, funny, cool, show off the power of the system or of a group or are into this sh*t in any way of form are people who will always beleive in the system, work for it and worship it and all it offers them.
Anyone who is disgusted by what goes on in these campaigns or realizes that its wrong and against the law and is basically legalized slavery and torture is sane, righteous and probably intelligent.

Evil people are intelligent also but no one you run into on the lower levels is going to be that kind of person.

Probably there is something in the first group that absolutely hates loners or single minded achievers like myself. They cannot stand creative typically narcissistic artistic types, unless they are indoctrinated into the system with its approval- then they are probably the worlds worst groupies or worshippers of talent.

These people worship power especially power that smacks of male authority- the kind that rules our world and will pull anything to get its way. These are the kinds of people who have a very backwards and animal sense of what power is (without the sensuality of animal of course) and see the TI as weak and the system oppressing them as all powerful.

I believe that these kinds of people are absolutley incapable of seeing the TI for who they really are or truly undestanding thier views or any work they produce.
The truly smart people at the much higher levels know very well the nature of man especially most modern Americans and use them as a work force via manipulation to get things done. This tactic is age old and readily used in psychological warfare.

This is why so many TI's coldy disregard either overt perps or anyone in on this who approves of what is occuring. Obviously these people are incapable of not only independent thought but of self governance and respect for the laws of our land. They dont respect law they respect power as it is expressed through crime and corruption- through these ends they feel that an entire culture and lifestyle is upheld in the USA and probably other countries.
A smart TI who has lived through this for years and understands the set up basically knows that most people they encounter on lower levels and in daily life do not hold any true power. They are akin to expendable pawns on a chess board though thier numbers are very high. One can sense this readily when encountering them face to face as individuals. An observant TI records the same facial expressions over time being expressed on many different faces in many different places. And only after such people become associated with the gang stalking system- have knowledge of it and a TI's situation or place in it, does thier demeanor change.

MIND CONTROL. Perhaps not as complex as high level programming. Just the people at the top understanding 'people' and the basic nature of mankind, specifically the nature of modern Americans.
Most people you are going to meet in passing are not much of a threat in themselves but they will give you the same reactions even the same looks or expressions that many others have given which will depend on how much they know about yer situation- and this creates a creepy 'hive' mentality and adds to the reality that a very large mobbing group has been created. All it may take is to appeal to man's basic nature like jealousy, aggression, sadism, wanting to belong to a family or group, immaturity, fear of authority etc.

The efforts to squash free thought and Will in the era we live in has reached psychotic levels. Its become an obsession for many people: the motives may be
-to avoid the realities of environmental damage to our planet and obviously by now to our species who now suffers greatly from the effects of pollution. I often wonder if man is not going mad due to the effects of various kinds of pollution includig electro magnetic. The sheer amount of toxic waste we have produced must be astounding.
-to avoid having to pay the consequences from the war in Iraq and much of what was done during the Bush administration.
-to avoid the realities of globalization, where there is much human rights violations and exploitation. Marketing this as an ever hopeful NWO white washes it completely. This is one of the main reasons why people like myself must be seen as 'old fashioned' or thinking in an outdated manner.
-mankind can no longer hide head in sand and refuse to evolve due to an world wide web of information and experience. So instead of evolving most humans may insist on being stubborn and playing these games to not only keep people like me down but THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE.
-to perpetuate the old system of governance, to keep people down, in thier place and to protect the elite's position

I have had people just blurt out things to me regarding my situation like:"Oh they hate the smart ones". Its all so insane, that any of this could be going on in this day and age. Especially with the 'feel good' culture of the liberals nowadays with much emphasis on political correctness, Obama etc. This is why poltics is so confusing to me..each party seems to have these issues that are so neurotic. Especially with each other. Its very immature and almost retarded in this day and age to not have a system that actually works for everyone and gets problems solved instead of a perpetual tug of war where there is an opposing faction taking over the helm of our country every 4-8 years. The parties now officially suck and everyone who is honest with themselves knows it.

There may be various reasons why humanity seems more insane lately than usual. There has been so much introduced into the lives of our species in the modern western world anyway, that the stress of adjusting is just too much. I dont think humans are adjusting well at all. I think most people are so totally freaked out by the changes in the way we live since WW2 and especially since the early 90's that people are just living in shock- this is part of the truama that helps trauma based mind control to do its work on humans. And its especially scary to be abandoned via a young generatoin of kids that seem to act normally around all these new circumstances. Its as if what we defined as being human in itself has changed.

Especially what doesnt add up is that all that has come about in tech and knowledge should be used to solve the worlds problems and create a better world. That is indeed being marketed to people but the same old crimes and corruption exist and in fact much new tech and scientific discovery is being utilized against mankind. In essence nothing has changed. Humans are still willing to see through progress at the price of other human beings sacrificed for that progress. Man has not evolved at all and he may change but any spiritual evolution is not going to occur.

The very fact that such focus on science and technology is taking precedent over every other form of human expression should be a red flag in itself.

As long as overpopulation, pollution and a thing like the military industrial complex exist there is nothing 'new' about any world order. Perhaps re arranging things differently but man has actually remained the same. Man has always been and will always be a human sacrifice cutlure, using slave labor. I do not believe this can ever change and after what I have seen I know I am right.

Just becuz corruption is hidden from you does not mean that its not happening. This is the key to getting everyone away from an evolution of man. The system has been reset now to deal with the presence of the internet. Humans have been re adjusted so that knowing corruption exists is no big deal, everyone is blase about it and human feelings in general have been dulled. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THAT THE WORLD COULD REMAIN FUNCTIONING THE WAY IT ALWAYS HAS NOW THAT THE PEASANTS HAVE THIE HANDS ON TECH THAT ALLOWS THEM TO SEE THE WORLD THE WAY IT REALLY IS. So they had to be bullwhipped for a bit to let them know that the powers that be will not tolerate any interference with what has always been- no matter what 'the people' see or what opinions they have on it.

We are actually living in one of the most oppressive times due to that recent bullwhipping by authority..and it continues with a strong intimated military presence and an obvious police state. And for anyone thinking the liberals will save you get a dose of political correctness and tell me that isnt overbearing social control.
It seems you have a choice in the political parties nowadays in the US: You can either have dad raping you in the middle of the night and then demanding you behave according the the rules during the day with blinding punishments if you do not comply mindlessly to corrupt authority OR you can take the lollipop from mom to make it better, believe she is the 'better' parent in the pair of perpetrators of abuse, then deal with her whining and nagging you to death along with a few small belt whips if you dont wash behind yer ears and look presentable to the neighbors even though the house is falling apart in reality.
THIS IS THE REALITY OF LIFE IN THE USA NOW. The whole place is totally f*cked and no one is supposed to say anything and everyone is so sick that they just want out for themselves, thier families, thier friends, thier race, thier sexual preference, thier religion..its fucking living waking nightmare. Passion and sensuality are not only dead they are probably illegal.

The world is worse off than it has ever been due to a certain soulessness now, that makes the best tragedies into cheap tv ads for Joe Public for candy bars or some other junk. The value system has totally changed. A combination of pc and police state has destroyed our country. For instance, trannies have special schools or get special treatment wherever they go that DOES accept such people but I sleep outside and have a horrible life. In another kind of city or state, a religious person or a straight laced type who might be totally corrupt will get treated well due to thier good front that suits conformity- while I sleep outside and have a horrible life.

Anyone who is not part of these two TOTALLY CLINICALLY INSANE parties who are dedicated like cult members to thier unrealistic screwed up value system's will be marginalized. BOTH of these parties partake in and approve of human slavery in some way.

Did anyone see that piece on ACORN informing a couple on how to pull off running a white slavery ring?
( From my jaded view I am not surprised or offended by adults being involved in such discussions as prostitution exists becuz men need it to exist, especailly wealthy men so dont whine about it. HOWEVER, the underage sex workers are totally unacceptable. And the fact that a man is getting one thin dime from any of these females is the absolute most unacceptable part of it.)

This is the way the world REALLY works and always has. PC does nothing but provide cover for these issues.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there are a bunch of these types around here that play along, and who outwardly appear to think what's happening to this ONE INDIVIDUAL is funny, cool, amusing, entertaining, even hip. I have one person I get along with very well, wants to be my friend, but is very much in bed with the perps, so to speak. Every time I intend to go see her at work, she is gone by moments before I even get there. Apparently, the dimwitted perps controlling her thing these little skits are funny, the fact that they are manipulating her into leaving before I get there, no matter what time it is, just to get me feeling all rejected. Only when she works until closing does she remain there. I guess the perps only want me to visit her on certain days that they approve, like they have created this little shelf for her and I, and I am allowed to be friends with her, but only on their conditions.

There was this deceptive storyline created around this person, a role for her to play. It centers around her being involved with something I don't like much at all, and the mob around her knows about it and makes sure to carry out their fake roles to support this storyline. God, these people think I'm stupid or something. Good thing her mom, of all people, don't try to insult my intelligence by bullshitting me with those phony storylines. That is the biggest surprise, as she doesn't seem to completely like me. Maybe she knows that I know about this crap. She seemed to feel bad for me because of the insane, like insane, numbers of informants and stupid asshole foot soldier types that are hounding me all the time.

So you will encounter a lot of phony storylines with all kinds of perps having fake names around you, just like a soap opera. I get kids and some adults doing this all the time, where these actors will have names, but upon further research, those names weren't their legal names. They were there just for storyline purposes.

Then there are the university perps, who put out ads for professor positions, but leave off the Doctorate requirements. I suspect it's there to bait me into applying, just to have me pushed down on my ass. Everyone knows you need a Doctorate for a professor position. Even if I could get a tenure/track position, I know the perps will terminate me at their behest. I know how this goes, which makes me happy I didn't bother furthering my education.

I have always believed in independently educating oneself. One sales dude at a music store told me mom that I played "better piano than the music major that works there". He was trying to get her all soft so I could buy this digital piano, but she told him "But that's not his field! Everything he knows about music, he taught himself." Mr. Music Major didn't even know the first movt. of Moonlight Sonata was in cut time. I know quite a bit about music, that I've taught myself. Every person should be prepared to do this, to educate himself independent of what the university teaches him.

And about the deception, there is a Buddhist saying advising to believe nothing, no matter who says it or where you read it, unless it agrees with your own common sense and experience. Good advice. This proves there were perp assholes and this system back in 500BC when Buddha lived, else he wouldn't have said these things to his followers.

Also, perps don't like it when you counter their bullshit with bullshit of your own to piss them off, they hate that intensely. YOou will find they can dish it out with their many thousands of flock congregation perps, but they can't handle one instance of you, the TI, putting it back at them.

Medawar said...

That many Americans see slavery as normal and acceptable is why President Madison signed the alliance with Napoleon, whereby America would help a genocidal dictator dominate the world in return for his protection for their slave trade from wicked British attempts to abolish it.

Also why General Ross set fire to the White House.