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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gang stalking the beautiful people

I just started my day by getting o....f the Rescue Mission where everytime I stay at about 1 am I wake up unable to breath, which is why I only stay there one night at a time in emergencies. Its in a basement of a refurbished hospital and its obvious it used to be a morgue. Not a problem as I notice in areas that were formely morgues one gets much better rest..not kidding.

I just went through the comments here and weeded out the detractors, possible perps and Jesus freaks, for your safety and sanity. I am now waiting to take a shower....


Anonymous said...

Mark again , I know your position financially is TI,ed , im that way also most of the time , But had a little accident at work long time ago . and result was compensation payments till now , its now down to a shit level of money but keeps an income stream comming in . we have to fight Fire with fire , If a TI got a job they will be mobed ,and with such mobing the TI could be so stressed that they trip or slip and hurt there back ? Then the employer must pay full sallery for the first few months these injuries can drag on and on and on, then of course the TI may find a no win no pay lawyer to take on there case SUE the mothers !!!

Big corps have a lot of dangerious areas just acidents waiting to happen and they deserve being sued for failing to fix things for the safety of the employee . Of course CCTV catches most incedents so the emplyoee can prove there accident .

you need to STAND on your USA rights for WHAT EVER YOU CAN GET OR ARE INTITLE TO its a bit of an ART .

Food for thought . God bless u fine lady .... amsoldierofchrist

night 12.27 pm Sydney Aus, cold at pc will sleep now .

Jeremy said...

I just heard from a recently-homeless TI that if you're going to be homeless, Duluth is a great place to be. He showed up a few days ago and they've got him on SSI and are putting him up in an efficiency apartment.

I've no idea how desirable this arrangement might be to you, or how long this will last. Just letting you know that there may be a good option for you.