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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Commonwealth of MA still owes me and I will not stop until they pay

And that goes for all thier little criminal cronies as well and the institutions, the cops ALL of and everyone involved in taking from me full opportunity to flourish within the east coast system and reap benefits from everything in that state and that city. The black community as well has alot to answer for.

ALL the power structures there need to be held accountable from single indvividuals to the largest institutions.

Do you honestly believe that I am going to buy into some theory that this was all for my own good due to me being chased out of there to not suffer what most poor people are suffering there now? I wouldnt have BEEN this poor if it wasnt for what they did to me.
So I should not eve BE in this predicament.

Its obvious that the northeast has had for some time a nasty covert campaign to rebuild the area and rid themselves of the poor or anyone who does not fit into thier cozy little system.

The bastards back there I used to know can try to forget I existed all they want. They all owe me for a lifetime of suffering as well as the destruction of my entire future.
Only by chasing me off from the destruction left behind to some new location can they hope to avoid having to pay that debt by forcing me into a space where I have to start anew, thus erasing in time the act of totally destroying my life.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

When I went to return to my family's hometown of Waltham, some guy approached me and tried to pump me for info. Part of me recognized him as a cop or detective that my family was familiar with or friendly with. I kept up my current status as just a traveler. You could tell he like many assholes back home, was at once frightened, amazed and thrilled. FRIGHTENED by my survival skill and that I really do not remember people that I have met in altered states or while in alter egos, AMAZED by my wherewithall and my programming's ability to protect me or work independently of my own mind and THRILLED as f*cking me over has been as easy as taking candy from a baby I assume.
What pissed me off the most is the disgusting feeling that anyone would help that scum my family. That anyone thinks more highly of them than they do me. That they are worth more than I am. That they matter more than I do. That any of them even deserve to do better than I in life, I who has never been allowed to do anything but be kept down.

I did indeed want to rip this guy's face off. And you would not believe the reactions from locals all around Waltham, especailly that gas station right near Cedarwood down the road from my grandmother's house. The looks were so incredible. Like 'why is she still alive and walking around?' along with 'we hate you so fucking much we would kill you all over again if we could'.

Ahh the sentiment is the same believe me. And these guys look Italian and the detective looked good old Waltham Irish.

Why would such people hate me so? My family is going to bleed and suffer as much as I can get out of them for what they have done. If they think that saying I am crazy like Danny is going to suffice for the rest of the time that all of us co exist on this planet they are wrong. My mother is an absolute scum bag who has become dangerously power hungry after my grandfathers death. She is not forgotten and there are some things in which even the police cannot protect you from. She does not deserve to ruin my life after years of abusing me and keeping me down. Why is this b*tch so important anyway?
What does she do for the cops or what info does she have on people that makes her spoiled rotten ass so damn valuable? What her brother Tommy ? How can Tommy be connected to the mob and she gets favors from all kinds of cops? Oh, yeah, its Boston. Where the scum all work together to make the system run so well, and to remain untouchable by the rest of the country.

You never know what might happen to you in your old age.

THis bitch, just like every sicko (like her dad) depends on me being of a good nature or more spiritually evolved so that I will just take this abuse for life or forgive. That family was always doing that to me. Making me into some kind of 'good child' who had to be good all the time and take crap in favor of the nightmare child (betty my mother) who gets away with anything. These are very common dynamics within pedo families and highly abusive families. Someone told me a few years ago that they enable her so much becuz she is the one that "has the dirt on them" in regards to first hand testimony of abuse at the hands of her father. They are right.
I hate having to deal with my family by figuring them as I would hardened criminals but hey...thats what they are right? If you've got detectives helping you destroy yer kid, then you must have something to hide.

I still plan on squeezing the life out of all the untouchables and that whole city's delusion that it in itself is untouchable- until I get back of equal value what was mine.

Its interesting that that c*nt my mother said to me "You can right a book by no one is going to believe you". This is much more telling as the years have gone on, becuz that means she must have known about all the other horrors involved in the campaign over time.
Then she got arrogant and sat there in her chair like a throne saying "A book can be very powerful if written in just the right way" as if she had any writing talent at all.

Its enough for all these people to take from me and my life's energy becuz they cant produce anything themselves.

And you would not believe the amount of people involved just in the Boston area alone. And strangers seemed to really get off on it, as if they had something against me personally. That place is so obsessed with personal power that they will do anything to gain some spark of it, some taste of power over others. They are the WORST wannabe's in the entire country. And they are SO bad that they really need to believe that they are powerful so the campaign has to be especially nasty. They are spoiled rotten. If you cant be that guy that goes to Harvard who's family is from Weston or like that level of money and status then you have to go to psycho killer levels of destruction just to feel anything like a human being of value in that stupid state.

Boston- Go Fuck Yourselves.

And dont think payday wont come becuz it will. You've got kids right? And they will have kids right? Oh so you think what you did was to IMPROVE thier lives for the future? I will make sure that it f*cks them up real bad simply by one thing- the one thing that MA could never deal with:
The Truth.

If ever I got depicted as anything other than who I really am, like someone worth destroying, you can bet it was that screwed up area of the USA and all the cocksuckers and c*nts that live there sucking the life out of each other to feel like they reign supreme. The history has to be presented as it is in TRUTH not some rewrite by a group of greedy, spoiled rotten east coast scum bags who feel they can gang up on someone to re write history.

And you have NO idea how connected that city and all this bs is to 9-11 which of course is why the little f*ckers are languishing in such power feeling that they will never have to pay.

WHats mine is mine and what should have been mine IS STILL MINE and I want it back and no re write is going to get in my way.

And my family..the biggest losers I can think of.. are NOT going to outhink me, out write me or out wit me. It took all of them working together with crooked cops to pull any of this off. Weak. Fail.

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Jeremy said...

Don't know if you were aware of this, but there was an MKULTRA survivors' conference call last night.