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Friday, April 30, 2010

Perhaps the ACLU isnt useless to TI's totaly

In one of my most recent posts I stated that the ACLU was useless to targeted persons directly for the activities or organized stalking and harassment. It seems as I dig a bit I find that they are very useful- for many of the things that MAKE organized stalking/harassment possible.

It is therefore useful to a target to utilize this info and take it as far as it will serve us. The following piece is very useful to us as it shows the potential for abuses and the possiblities for corruption: "Amerisnitch".

As for myself I was totally unaware of the changes of the Bush administration. This may be partially why the people back home thought this would be easy to get rid of me, its also probably why I was defended, saved or given assistance- there are still those among us in society that cling to ideals of true justice and being 'stand up' people. They know damn well I was an innocent as far as what was going on in the USA at that time. What is astonishing is that the public knows that these programs are used to support police corruption.

The greatest problem with the past decade is that under the duress of wartime the public was beaten down into believing that protection was necessary at any cost and forgot about the very real and true nature of the police and its connections to organized crime as well as other agencies of govt and thier misbehavior. Under these conditions its obviously true what history shows: your average person will knowingly take part in what is basically a frenzy of mobbing or whatever else can be gotten away with due to these conditions.
They see it as crime and know it is against the law but to people in society that think this way since authority is sactioning such actions it is perfectly ok to do such things. They are the ultimate 'daddy's girls/boys' and they are just as disgusting as any we have met in our lifetimes. With no internal sense of right or wrong, of justice or any Will power outside of official authority they will jump at the chance to act out in corruption AS LONG AS THE OFFICIAL AUTHORITY FIGURE IS INVOLVED AND THEY HAVE THIER APPROVAL.

Many of the people I encountered also seemed to fancy this whole era and thier part in it as some sort of play of genius, criminal genius. Really they were high on the hysteria and thinking that they would always be protected by corrupt authority and remain faceless never being caught or paying for thier actions. They rely on this to this day most likely.

These are your typical citizens who are so indoctrinated into the system that they are incapable of being apart from it. They actually believe that thier silence is true stealth and that thier hive mentality in being part of a large plot is true genius. They are usually people who never exert themselves as individuals and hide in a job title for life. It is hard to understand such people but we see them all the time- as we have encounterd them from childhood onward. These are the kids who cant write anything original or interesting in writing class but thier notebooks are neat and thier handwriting always in order. They often recieve B+'s while handing such mediocrity in on time, while of course those few of us with actual talent are still finishing a draft in class or handing things in late..and of course OUR paper gets an A- and is put forth as 'the winner' by the teacher who then loves on us and tells everyone that this is the way to write a paper and that we have a flair for writing. The only reason we got that minus is due to the paper being late or a draft so FTW.

Yes, there is trend in the USA where much of the police state is being used to actually destroy anything precious such as true or raw artistic talent, beauty, art, individuality or any other kinds of excellence. I have seen and heard this attitude first hand from perps. This is the very dark side of what the system is being used for aside from an obvious police state.

One perp who was a family member of a politician in office during my gang stalking campaign, made reference to Eric Clapton's book I believe it was a biography or the like. She stated "Eric Clapton is such an arrogant talented artist" and it was definately said in a way that seethed hatred for artists.

There is something very creepy going on as anyone who stands out as a true talent is hated or destroyed or targeted. One has to wonder if its just to ensure a corporate landscape where sameness and a cooky cutter factory product is forced into being the marketed norm so as to reduce competition and ensure consumers keep buying the crap that sells. It also helps to dumb down the public and the culture permanently I am sure is the desired goal.
The title should be "Consumer Spending Likely Drove Drop in IQ".
And look at the photograph. Its one of those that you have got to wonder if it was set up to look so casual and candid becuz it looks TOO casual and candid to be real life. The old guy and the big purple boobs are things this nation can be proud of eh? THESE are the people that run the country NOT anyone eccentric or special and they want you to know that. They want you to know that spending is the most valuable, patriotic thing you can do for your country which is why the average shmo and groups of average shmo's like mobbing groups are so much more important than a few individual ruined lives here and there.

I cannot wait to tell my story. I cannot wait to rip this system absolutley limb from limb and illustrate just how full of sh*t this country is and any country taking part in targeting anyone that gets in the way of this new communism becuz that is exactly what it is..I dont care that there are Capitalist rewards involved. At this point I am rooting for the elitists after dealing with the public this way for so long. Unless of course I can map out that its the most obnoxious elitist types behind this and that mobbing groups are NOT merely The Public working for govt or state but that they are indeed working for special interestsl, organized crime or corporations.

Either way exposure is the only way to map out how this system works and how in a campiagn cover stories may utilize anti terror or other 'official authority' tools or systems in order to meet the ends of who is truly motivating such actions against Targeted persons.

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