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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Skeptic TI post 4/27/10

Or maybe I got it wrong..maybe some covert police actions saved my ass and that is who interfered. Maybe the perps were soley "that crowd" that Lou Geppetti mentioned and they were a harassment group of private citizens with powerful mommys and da das who hopefully had thier asses handed to them due to interferring with a programmed asset.

But its doubtful unless the dumb little bastards were being utilized by the true designers and its the usual case of people not knowing who thier real employers are. But I saw enough cops terrorizing me. But then again I saw alot of different kinds of people from all walks of life terrorizing me.
Due to this being a covert activity and also the dynamics, the numbers, the lines, angles and structure being totally re arranged within these situations thus following a pattern most people are not familiar with, I then DONT REALLY KNOW EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS OR WHO THE HELL IS INVOLVED OR HOW ANY NUMBER OF FACTIONS RELATE.
This is soley I believe to add to thier power. This is the essence of 'The Voice of God' technology but in the design of the entire campaign and the existence of this system in itself. All along the path in this situation most lower level perps are very in tune with the power of blaming a faceless entity of authority for many small (and multiple. frequent) infractions against the TI. It all seems to culminate in trying to convince a person of low intelligence or uneducated (so they assume) that God itself is speaking to the Targeted person via the actions of the stalking group or network. The mystique is also added to by ensuring that how it works is never actually discovered and especially no evidence is ever documented that really maps out where money moves or who is connected to whom.
Then the TI is left to construct a map via deduction, logic reason and experience. And eventually whether the TI accepts it or not hopefully on some level due to being so helpless, the victim will feel that this system is a god like presence in the world he or she lives in.It is THE ultimate keep down tool of any citizen. This is why I sight so many of the people who are high up in govt etc who have been targeted. To discount every idiot that uses the fact one is uneducated as a rationale as to why they are targeted.

Its brainwashing and over time its hoped with enough repitition and harassment the TI will believe this on some level.

In my experience entire cities are being managed by tech and surveillance and in some though of as unconventional ways.

Its a horrible time we live in where man has become technologically advanced enough to actually produce such results but via the same means man has found ways to put parameters around the public to keep them ignorant of such capabilities, as if to keep them in the past while 'the future' surrounds them daily.
I also believe through research and first hand experience that there exists now human to computer interface that is far advanced past levels being presented in the media, to the public, and the presentation to them is always that such technology and capabilities are benign- used to help in medical and science not warfare or politics.

People in the USA at least have been whipped into a false 'feel good' environment and anyone who doesnt feel good needs to be medicated. Or they are victims of happenstance referring to the mess that we can see started overtly with Bush and its just supposed to all be happenstance and anyone who claims any different is paranoid and a conspiracy theorist.
Human greed is not imagined and it doesnt surprise me that many of the kids who have harassed me have parents that are very high up or for instance work for Ciso Systems etc. Cutting edge tech huh? We are talking about being overtly perped and then a kid telling me his dad works for Cisco Systems and he is addicted to World of Warcraft. Its no surprise either that many younger kids involved in gang stalking have made statements that the reality they they are living actually IS a video game to them. And this might just be the people who were assisting me becuz when this kid escorted me back to the Boston Greyhound station/ North Station there were some pretty pissed off rich man faces in that crowd that I was even still walking around or back in town at all. And even THAT could have been part of the set up to alter my percetions.
But it seems that anyone who has anything to gain from illegal, unethical human experimentation will own the future of man on this planet. Its happening NOW.

This in itself should be a red flag. Being disatisfied with corrupt authority or speaking out or standing up is now genuinely seen as some kind of mental disorder but no one has the guts to actually come out and claim that overtly . Especially is one does not possess anything that creates credibility in this society..which means the very common man's protests are totally invalid.

Which of course is very convenient for a system that threatens peoples families and livelyhoods to keep credible persons under control and silenced.

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