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Monday, April 19, 2010

who wants to go back on the road and experience terror? Not me for sure

And really its partly my selfishness. I dont want to face the horrors of what I know lies in wait for me as a TI on the road..or back home..or anywhere I go in the world as long as I live. The psychological warfare of organized stalking and harassment is such torture that it actually walls off spaces in the TI's perception of where they can and cannot go. Oh, I dont get harassed here in San Diego (but horribly mentally jammed anyway) then like a good lab rat I have been conditioned NOT to go outside those parameters.
However this is the absolute kiss of death for any true survival of the Self or keeping of the true history of events surrounding a TI and the behavior modification that has been attempted to re-write thier lives, their history and the time line of everyone involved connected to them. Giving in to this would be engaging in the ultimate lie or deception. One has to weigh how much more personal discomfort one can take as opposed to how attractive it may be to be safe in a location that seems somehow acceptable to the perps and the system as to not experience gang stalking. But then one has to wonder why there is no gang stalking in such a location and I have already stated that the rule of thumb that never fails me is as follows:
Where ever you experience a lack of in person, human forces engagement with organized stalking or harassment YOU WILL ENCOUNTER A POWERFUL FORCE OF REMOTE INFLUENCE. Only the system knows the exact system of delivery of such attempts at hypnosis but documentation proves its either living psychics or technology.
Where ever you experience a lack of interference or jamming of one's thought processes, YOU WILL ENCOUNTER IN PERSON, HUMAN FORCES ENGAGEMENT WITH ORGANIZED STALKING OR HARASSMENT.

This has turned out to be one of those rules of thumb that one could bet on and win every time. Only in very select locations, certain hours or on certain dates have I ever felt a total lack of or experienced a total lack of any sort of contact or interference. That would be also by rule of thumb or repetitive experiences: in remote locations like small towns say in TN or on the border of ILL where there is no cell phone reception-period. Total dead zones with no heavy industry, corporate interest or military bases. Believe it. ( these are just small towns I experienced that I can think of right now. I am sure there are more in my files and there are more to experience.)
Between the hours of approx 12 midnight to 6am with some variances due to time zones or other unknown causes. In the east its usually strictly 12 midnight to 6 am. Here in San Diego it seems to be 11:30 pm to 5:30 am. In St Louis during Bush I recall being tortured mercelessly one time in particular as St Louis seemed to be trying to kill me right then and there with the tech itself not jsut driving me to suicide, and it just stopped, just like that at 1 am. It was so obvious it was an outside influence as it was so involved and intense it made no sense to just drop off like that, and of course to drop off at an hour that seemed in range of the 12-6 rule the system seems to have for targets. In St L it varied sometimes 11:30 and sometimes 1 am. It was like this arrogance some jerk had behind the switch, this attitude that they could do as they pleased by playing with the time constraints. Aww arent we special.

For some TI's holidays seem to bring relief. I have theories but no one knows why for sure at least I dont. but the holidays of the culture I live in that are a celebrated part of mainstream culture where people meet up with thier families or take time off from work bring relief from remote influence. I would have to look at my records to see if that included organized stalking and harassment as well. I believe so in most locations.

Location as in physical structure not geographic location: anything that forms a faraday cage like environment- concrete and steel buildings and always underground preferably two levels or lower. The former provides relief and the latter provides much more so.

Once again mental illness never sounded more like it wasnt as such at all as in my experience with what I have mapped out to be a system. I love how my 'disorder' doesnt affect me when I am around trusted friends/companions or in locations like San Diego downtown, and I only become 'insane' with 'mental illness' when I go outside downtown as I have posted. Its especially amusing that I have mapped out over time that it follows definate patterns that make it much more feasible to be a system based on human force and action and definate outside forces beyond my control as opposed to 'in my head'.
Its also intersting that I became so inconvenient..I mean rumoured to be mental when there was a federal investigation around the Boston Police as well as powerful criminals in Boston that will NEVER get busted as thier capacity for blackmail on important men (probalby the same ones that approve such investigations..hahahah) is like a lifetime ticket out of trouble.
The problem was and is still that it wasnt just to get rid of me due to that no no. The system or some morons who thought thier neo con hey day would last forever as long as it was thier playground in that time period (recall? Bush, Guliani, Romney, Mcain and all the wonderful people that were right there during Ford surrounding George Sr. that made up George Jr's administration. THOSE guys..) They got greedy. It was clean up time for various other projects. It was time to clear up the loose ends I assume. The carelessness of the 60's and 70's had to be dealt with in a most efficient way.
As well as paving the way for a psychocivilized society and out of George Sr, George Jr, and Obama's mouths all have claimed a "New World Order". And that takes the brainwashing of an entire humanity..and that takes lots of trauma!

And deception and secrecy...and bastardry.
Yes I do believe that my work and seeking revenge is much more important than a man or love affair perhaps.


Anonymous said...

They seem to like putting on little bursts of e-harassment around 3AM here, in the "middle of the night", as it were. I was woken up a couple of times out of dreams with a very painful, directed muscle spasm where my left kidney would be. It happened like 2 or 3 times at spaced intervals. Like, 1AM, again at 3 AM and again at 5AM. They love doing intermittent bursts of eharassment here in the early morning hours, just very intermittent, but enough to get me awake for a period.

Anonymous said...

I have found the same, that relationships and "special friends" just get in the way. And of course, it's just a matter of time till that man in your life becomes completely hooked up to the perps, making a direct line to your tormentors. Some people are just "designed" to be free, I guess. In my childhood, I had my crushes and girls I thought would make a great "wifey". I had another crush in college, a girl I liked a lot, and when she left and never saw here again, I felt a little despaired. But then I also felt a sense of freedom, despite that little "chunk" out of you that goes missing.

I started chatting to her via email 6 years later, and really felt close despite never having seen her physically. Around the time the perps were threatening, she started acting a little too suspicious and "perp like" for my taste. Finally, she stopped talking altogether, thanks to the perps.

I have a hard time telling a fake story from a real one, thanks to the perps and their involvement. About 30% of what I hear and take in around me seems like perp disinfo or perp manufactured drama. I guess you may say that in itself is a desired outcome, to affect one's ability to discern fact from fiction, to make it hard to judge fake from real, right from wrong, and to just confuse the hell out of one. Again, the saying is to "believe nothing...", and realize you're in a war, so there is going to be a lot of perp manufactured drama, a lot of heavily fictionalized tales, and people you come across who aren't what they appear, as they are playing roles in the perp-directed "movie" that is playing around you. In other words, as a target, people and their "situations" around you aren't going to be real, but are perp-scripted drama and "movies". Remember that perps are the movie directors, and those people you meet around you are the "stars" in their movie. I'm certain perps like to think they're a Scorcese or Tarentino. In fact, I've seen both of these in commercials that were very perp-like, iow, playing Psy-Op roles at the behest of the perps. I guess perps get off on this sort of thing, having actual directors playing roles in their play.

I have others around here who just say whatever they like and treat me however, like they can just insult me just for the hell of it just because I'm targeted. They forgot they are still nothings, that the law still applies to them, that they can still go to jail for harassment. They still think they can do whatever they like and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

You said, "Documentation proves it's either living psychics or technology". SPOT ON. I think there could also be non human influence as well. Someone seems to be working outside of time, or at least our perception of it. (the catch is some of them are our allies, I'm quite certain of that) "Coincidences" that are impossible to orchestrate humanly happen to the kind of TI's that are not OVERTLY targeted (usually because they are too smart for stupid stalkers to deal with). Every psychic I've ever known is targeted BIG TIME in this way except the ones who serve the "network". This "hyperdimensional" or "soft" targeting is possibly technological in that they are using frequencies to affect different people in different ways in some cases. Yet some of the influences I've experiences are hard to explain away as technological, that's for sure. Only the lazy perps resort to technology and frankly, it's usually discernable from natural psychic phenomena.

What I have noticed is that people who play along with this control system are healthier or at least more functional in the physical world (mostly). The "friends" whom I've had who have ganged up on me tended to do it solely in the realm of the mind, but the one way they would get physical was to get me into situations where I would experience endocrine stress (like around heavy perfumes or smoke). I notice these people are not at all bothered by chemicals or molds or anything that makes us sane people SICK. Hollywood is fully of these types of soulless yet extremely, radiantly healthy people.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. I just know there is way more than meets the eye in this prison reality and I'm starting to see the remedies more clearly. The perps are so insignifigant at this point and they know it. They are expendable parts of sick system that has destroyed whatever soul they had.