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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What happened to the 1960's? or What is gone horribly wrong in America

It just hit me all at once and I cried, then got mad, then saw it all at once outside the window, filmed the moment for later recall. You could feel the vibe from the counter people at Starbucks..they all know. Every YUPie soul sucking, brain draining, war-on-the-poor participants KNOW what the deal is, and they are hiding like cowards just as we decent people suspected they were. Organized stalking and harassment is the only thing that has pushed all this through so that the country can be as self indulgent and money grubbing, indecent and uncaring as it is today whilst white washing the whole thing behind PC, the war on crime and drugs and most recently terrorism.

A bleach blonde came in with a boob job that only a NJ housewife or a very untalented stripper in Boston or NY would be sporting (it was terrible) and of course no ass as this is usually the case making the female look even more bizarre (welcome to CA). And also one could have predicted she handled her daughter in public with just as much lack of finesse or REAL class. Again, welcome to CA, the land of money with zero taste. Maybe its just So Cal or San Diego..whatever.
Personally, half way through I was rooting for the kid becuz unlike mom she was actually going to grow up to be a knock out and I suspect mom is already jealous..that and the amount of attention corporate worker dad in casual clothes seems to lavish on her exclusively. Oh, mom, no matter what you do to yer body you get ignored dont you. What the hell is wrong with women in this country? I would pack my back pack up and tell him to stick all his money and possessions and hit the road with what I arrived with and go find someone that DID pay attention to me. They probably have this messed up relationship like all married people where the dynamics have fallen into one of predictable war with frequent negotiations and the kid plays some weird role of diversion or power. I will never get might as well run a business or a country..its the same thing anyway. Its all politics with humans in the end with anything we do.

The first part of my experience was catching this homeless guy looking at me in Starbucks.
I got mad at first due to the amount of men who overtly look here- not just girl watch but really take from you as they look. Then I noticed his age and his look. He seemed like one of those lost children of the 60's who have fallen into the homeless scene. He must have noticed my back pack and my travelers appearence and perhaps went back into his youth where women where lady like but dressed in crazy clothes and often up to something intelligent and expressive back then.
I immediately felt bad for being angry. Also the music coming out of the speakers was reggae, the kind of music Gen X was raised with if yer parents were partyers or heads and most other people have only become associated with recently. It just hit me, the irony of this scene. That the music really belonging to this man and his era is now a by product of a corporate nasty like Starbucks where pretensiousness has become validated as reality...along with the worst artwork on their walls one could ever imagine- also somehow validated as hip. When there is a CD for sale that contains Bob Marley and the Rolling Stones gentled down for infants listening pleasure you know the country is culturally so far gone into a hole that is going to be very very hard to get out of. And the worst part about joe Public being convinced he is hip but also politically correct therefore faultless, blameless and flawless is that as long as he returns with compliance to that system offering him that fantasy there is no real incentive for him to WANT out of that hole.

Outside there is a Hooters. Taxis were going by, people beeping with impatience with other drivers. The same as any big city with humans is and would have been historically. Except there is something about it..something that should not be.
We know better now. Humans have evolved technologically, scientifically and in so many other ways that this scene should not be as it is. The ignorance to social ills in THIS day and age is absolutely inexcusable and could only be perpetuated or condoned by a system of covert control and active daily management of the public via social control.
Admittedly, downtown SD is especially appauling in its segragation of the homeless or even the poor. Its thier cute new money or upper middle version of classism and it smacks of bad taste throughout. But this is around the USA as well as a huge problem in every major city taking part in gentrification- especially those that build any sort of large sports arena.

"The Harder They Come" came on and it was just too much. That song belongs to the old head gone to the street, now sitting outside, not Starbucks.
They use this music to validate thier political correctness, not live out or relate to any sort of true rebellion against oppression. It also somehow seems to serve as relief against the countries obvious partaking in ignoring social ills not only homelessness but worldwide suffering due to the effects of globalization.

Its a common trick I have learned from the perps and the GS system. Its akin to mirroring. Its like me taking something they used against me and shielding myself with it. Its a very clever psychological trick and one can read it plain as the words written in "The Way of the WASP" which I recall : that Jazz music is ok as long as its taken out of underground clubs and used as backround or dinner music- as long as its made "non threatning". Many of the concepts in that book are ones used in what is going on with the country today as far as changing things socially and not necessarily for the better.
Downtowns should be revitalized but if the social services end of things were managed better and corruption/white collar crime were cleaned up or watched for the problem wouldnt even exist as it does now.

Another false environment created as a psychological prison or box to exist in..and those who want safety from reality will gladly buy into it.

True peace of mind can only come with really solving problems, not running from them like children. So you have taken away the druggy lifestyle, rock clubs and discos and replaced it all with psych meds and snobbery, corporate/YUPpie lifestyles, gated communities. In the end its just another form of escape, of reality avoidance.
Nothing has changed. The American headspace has been white washed and instead of waiting for the man or smoking with the dealer to buy a bit of pot you wait on the psychiatrist and stay in falsely created environments- that are ensured to exist via the survaillence cameras that litter the cities.

Good switched to a light cigarette but you are still smoking.

Now when are you going to grow up America?

en the blonde came in with the boob job etc.

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