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Monday, April 12, 2010


If you dont want me to post something then I am not going to spend time reading it. I get many messages from one guy who doesnt want me to post his stuff. Its just creepy.

Also anyone with nasty commentary can just not comment at all. Someone wrote me that I wasnt interested in healing due to me not wanting info that they have and that I think I know everything.

I know one thing. No amount of info is going to solve this or get me a lawyer who will get justice for me...when you have a lawyer and other professionals that can help me in a solid meaningful way then you will have info I can use. I dont know everything: but bullshit walks and that is all I need to know.


Anonymous said...

Not only do you need to get it stopped, but you need to have those responsible prosecuted. One of the biggest frustrations of being targetd is that there are so many incidents of harassment against us, and not one of them is legal. Technically, they all should get some jail time for this.

And that includes foot soldiers, too, and their "standing around till the target arrives and them harass" them routine. And the perps don't like it when you call the footsoldiers losers, I've noticed. At least my perps don't like it. Or maybe it's just more ideas for their harassment they throw back at me.

You know what this means, this system where criminals are getting away with something like this, very openly and brazenly breaking laws and the constitution? It must mean there is some sort of government that is set to take over, a dictatorship. I can see this. There is a possibility of an outside government that overrides ours, apparently. How else could they be getting away with so much? The constitution and the laws very clearly prohibit this sort of thing, yet I get around 50-60 incidents of illegal harassment per night. And harassment and stalking by a group is what this is. There is very clear intent by all parties involved to stalk and harass, yet no one participating is going to jail.

There was a perp posting in the gangstalkingworld forums a while back, trying to throw this bullshit back at me by posting stuff like insinuating targets are potential criminally-minded people who would be breaking laws, and they are running around free in society. This demonstrates that participants are very rabid and fanatical about their involvement, like they're fighting a holy war against us or something, like we must be wiped out becuz we iz so EVILL!!@#@

I am so sorry that I have insulted the perps' prescious little street perps, that I have to endure more harassment for thinking bad thoughts about footsoldiers and their lack of lives and a purpose in life.

Anonymous said...

Film them please.

Anonymous said...

When I hear something like

""you are not "healing" , Let me show you how"" ,

I get the urge to leave area rapidly