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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Navy confirms TI reports on Electromagnetic Pulse WMD threat

I dont get gang stalked here in dowtown San Diego and one wonders if its due to the Navy being here or if its due to this place being a major area for Scientologists (L. Ron Hubbard was in the Navy for years and held rank. I noted a historical presence when I saw "L.R.HUBBARD CONCRETE CO" or cement co engraved on sidewalk) or if its the rule of thumb at work: Wherever there is remote influence effectively running the population there is going to be the absence of in person engagement from organized stalking and harassment via human forces.

The attitude seems to be that these are 'non lethal' weapons and I assume that ties into the hushed up sentiment that at even lower power whats the harm in using such weapons for behavior modification or to pull of much needed changes to the entire world, a country or ...I just went blank. Totally blanked out from being able to access the entire thought and its details that I wanted to complete. This happens often...its like someone switches off a light in one room of a house without cutting the power to the whole house...that 'room' is that area containing that complete thought.

It wears me out to have to go in and counter this to retrieve the info that I had access to just moments before to insist on completing said thought in writing. Looks like there are very sophisticated weapons or systems for wiping recall as well. But those of us truly targeted already knew that. Hmph.

As I was saying it seems that the use of this tech not as weapons but as agents of 'change' that the networks seem to want so badly- change of individuals and change of nations, is considered useful and helpful to humanity. Whats the harm of managing entire populations? If it will make life better? Then why not?

Becuz no matter what happens to mankind the one thing he has a right to more than anything else is his own mind, emotions and the use of all the product of his DNA- his birthright. Also it produces an authority that rules over men in such a covert way that he does not eve know he is ruled..doesnt even have a sense of it as in other classical forms of social control.

As we can see in our world today its produced a society that has lost its creativity, its intelligence and its unity among humankind. Unless of course you are in a mobbing group I assume. The con is that it will create 'peace' yet it only does so by a constant war on communities, individuals and ideas. The idea is the good old 'out of sight out of mind' or 'what you dont know cant hurt you'. More like 'ignorance is bliss'.

And to those of us who possess some sort of ability to sense or even comprhend what is going on such as psychics, sensitives and others who know that something doesnt 'feel' right or is an introduced outside force this system is a pure living hell. I even suspect that part of this system's goal is to destroy anyone who posesses such abilities who does not work for the authority/power strucuture. All without validation or the public's knowledge.

The frightening part is that if they have nothing that makes them a threat and it also improves life for them then they will most likely choose to side with the power structure in its actions. So now its no longer 'the people' who are simply unaware of what is happenining its a small group of very special people who are somehow a threat or even simply of interest as experimental subjects to authority/power structure.

Because I have seen plenty of 'the people' go along with this so one has to wonder just how ignorant they really are.

It would be intersting to get everyone in this country aware of what is happening and see just how many of them protested such action. And then there is dealing with it being marketed as part of thier national security as well as improvement for thier futures via scientific progress. If..and I mean IF that could be stopped and people could understand the loss of freedom involved and what is being destroyed in this process- have we not come to a point in this world where people will do anything to jump into "The 21st Century" or beyond? People know on another level that the earth is polluted, overpopulated etc. This may very well be thier way of doing something about the worlds ills and taking us all out of the Dark Ages known as the 20th Century. Even speaking of being left alone to live in nature or develop naturally may be viewed by many people as an attitude out of the past.

But one point still stands: If something like this is so good then why must it be done covertly? Breaking laws? Well America was founded on genocide and breaking laws and it ends up a good thing right? As long as we never acknowledge the people who were destroyed in the processs or give them back what was taken from them. ( Yes I am refering to Native Americans.) I dont see anyone apologizing them for years of genocide, slavery or sexual exploitation.Most likely cuz they wont riot, loot your stores, burn your houses down or drive by/rob/rape you and really you dont need to deal with them daily in society. They dont entertain people, play sports in large numbers or do any other tapdancing to earn thier keep. I can only hope thier games at the casinos are as rigged as the mob's. But that will never give them thier world back nor their land or thier lifestyle. Money and pay offs dont fix anything really. I dont blame them for the stand off ishness I experience in heavily Native areas. I also note that anywhere there is heavy Native population the land itself is more charged with natural energies and its a hell of alot easier to exist on. Its like they are nature's diplomats, bridging a gap between the land in this country itself and non Natives. Why do you think most white people have to live in such structured environments? As far as I am concerned Europeans still know little of American land. They may have the basics down especially long time families and farmers but most exist only due to the power of building structures to conquer that land and transform it to a false environment, killing its true power.

This is akin to what is being done to ever human being that is experiencing these weapons being used on them to any degree. From human experimentation to behavior modification the goal is to alter to a false environment or state of being in the interest of uniformity so the power structure may continue its empire.

We have a right to reject any way of living we choose. Its very suspect that such a heavy handed approach is being used as well as so covertly with lots of white wash and leaking info to the public very slowly as much more sophisticated technologies are already in use. If what the system is doing is so right and so good for our futures then why must it be done in such a manner?

The public has no idea that this way of doing things is so common now its just part of doing business. Most of them have no idea this IS thier world now not the future.

There is another way of doing things and its probably been figured out already if not re-discovered from ancient times where humans were in some places and times quite enlightened and not knuckle dragging cavemen as is marketed to you: USE nature and CO OPERATE with its systems thus gaining the most out of a system that is already in existence. Make mans technologies and his progress a complimentary part of what already exists. THE POWERS THAT BE KNOW THIS. They have known this since ancient times or they wouldnt have to persecute people like Tesla or others who have theories that use what is aleardy there instead of altering it and sqeezing the life out of the planets resources.

In short: Get a Clue.

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Medawar said...

There's a UK Ministry of Defence report that suggests that very wealthy individuals will be a major security threat over the next thirty years. They will destabilize societies, which is what organized stalking is designed to do.

Will try and find if it's on the published list or not. If it is, I can probably put a link to it on my blog.

May take a little while to find.

It's also emerging that civil servants are very worried that some very wealthy people could more or less walk in and talk to Tony Blair or Gordon Brown as they pleased: this was changing policy and these were the same very wealthy people that the MoD were describing as an emerging threat to national security.

It looks as if the underlying government machine is very worried about something and is trying to stop it, but individuals in high office are being manipulated (or in Blair's case, just paid).

Will try and find out more.
Not sure that the US Army is on the same side as the other American forces, let alone the British army.

In the UK, the big police forces are FAR more suspect than the military.