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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Watchdog group wants evangelists Pentagon event canceled

Ok we are going to go through this one more time and lets see if it makes any sense or catches on.
Read THIS:

Now watch THIS:

Are we getting anywhere? NO? I thought not.
Now you understand why my generation, Gen X came up the phrase "Whatever" and the album to sum up our experience was titled Nevermind.

We weren't slackers, we were realists.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Rachael yes , great exposeure 10 out of 10 for the the production , This guy needs an integrity award of some discriptsion really . But 9/11 is past history NEVER FOGOTEN ,but what is it you want , If its agreement to the cover up you got it ! , Hay hope you have some nice place to sleep tonight REALLY REALLY . How does this pay pal work does it credit your card or what ? Would you be kind enough to call me to say you got $500 , like i have $1000 for you expected this week PLEASE GOD im so broke also . Its a Gov cheque so YEAH but guaranteeded . I dont even know if im really reaching you , Okay I will make deal with you THE NEXT TIME I CONTACT YOU WILL TO BE TO SAY I WANT TO SEND CASH . you will have to phone collect to confirm you got the money . TILL THEN God Bless stay in the lime light stay safe please . your mate mark. amsoldierofchrist . your so hard to reach girl !!!!