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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stop wasting my time and I dont need critics who dont do thier research

" I really think you should download and read this w... I really think you should download and read this woman's book, "Chasing Phantoms":
It's not "woo woo" and it might finally help you understand what's been happening to you and why people like me come here and immediately see that your very way of thinking is highly limited. I wish I could help you more with funds, I'll try but basically I read your stuff and all your suicide talk and I think you are actually very hard to REACH to help, ya know? They did a good job of isolating you.
The point is that you're in the DARK about this stuff and that's exactly where they want you.
Carissa is one person who I believe can show you a different perspective on all this, one that is far more empowered. Read her book with an open mind, it literally took me an afternoon to read it she writes very straight forward. I've found most of what she says about getting this shit to STOP to be totally true. This girl is a military kid too, way deeper in this stuff than I was, and yet we have both come to the same conclusions overall. Good luck." Publish Reject

Anyone who posts a comment like this again is going to get erased and ignored. You suck at research becuz not only is there a record of an abduction (no aliens just people on a Greyhound bus) on this blog early on a few years ago, a link to Carissa's site is on my other blog about deeper subject matter that is connected to gang stalking. (

Carissa's work mentions some trauma based mind control programming but not as much as other targeted survivor/activists. Her work is a definite valuable contribution to the cyber community of survivors or targeted individuals.
However, like the rest of us she tends to be mistrusting and touchy with good reason and in a short corresponence with her, it shows that she doesnt deeply understand other programmed people. That is fine but her work is part of the whole community action of survivors/targets not the end all be all.

My programming is very geared towards protecting information, with my life if necessary. Its also about being able to play shadow games or be heavy with silence at key times in the game (which is visualized as a perpetual playing chess game within the world of internal programming).
Carissa's work was a find for me and I appreciated its existence. Her info and site were an addition to all the gang stalking info I had found that concerned only being targeted or the use of tech to target people not going into the deeper motives for people BEING targeted. Per my programming I always keep info seperated as it is probably to keep outsiders or my own inside alters from knowing the complete picture, most likely it was created as a security measure during the original programming of me.
The whole internal system is like this and when I was being gang stalked heavily there was information stored deeply within my mind, as people say 'the back of my mind'. Like when someone is worried about something and you say to them ' I know that as long as that is an issue with you, it will always be in the back of your mind so lets get it out of the table and settled'. Well, that area is very useful for storing info that could either by mind read by the system through various methods or to extract it out of the targeted survivor by torture (like gang stalking campaigns). I existed with a front alter during this period of time, unable to have any access to the 'back files' and via programming took in every bit of what was happening to me (via the Observer alter) whilst looking quite lost and stupid on the outside.
Its natural for me to want to keep info seperated so only those who know what they are looking for can access that info with 'keys' if you will. Or those who are smart enough to figure it all out will have access to the complete picture..its like the sword in King cant pull it out of the stone if you are not meant to.

Due to this I wrote Carissa warning of starting to write about gang stalking within the context of her other work; that the perps use anything we say or do against us or for use by disinfo agents to make misleading info look realistic, so perhaps she should best leave all the info in pieces, and there is enough out there on gang stalking for now. I had just been burned very badly by a group that has many perps and operatives within it and the harassment was still very active.
I was also still working very much off internal programming not living in the external reality. I think it was also during Bush before Obama and if that was the case then the harassment was definately much worse.

She of course freaked out with a response of suspicion as to why I would NOT want her to mention gang stalking etc etc. And the way she answers email is measure for measure, as in being reactionary to what is written to her not responding in a letter like form or true communication. Who can blame her?

So for my own safety I posted my original letter and her responses, also to demonstrate to people what years of these campaigns can do to people and why networking in the world of covert warfare is so difficult.

So yes, I know her work and have used it as much as I can already.
In response to the reader comment, the system has done a better job of destroying my mind more than anything else and completely removing me from my old life and everyone I used to know.
As far as suicide goes its always a possibility when a human being will decide to die after being tortured for years.
You are approaching this the wrong way..I am reacting in a totally normal fashion for what I have been through. There is no fixing this with new info. Also even if I did not read her site prior, the new info would change nothing about my situation.

There comes a point where the TI realizes that they have pretty much the whole story or understanding of what has happened to them. One finds that there is little help for an mc surivivor who is an 'expendable' from birth to begin with. And despite the sick, misguided efforts of the behavior modification programs and the people who believe this is the best way to erase and reform programmed mind control slaves, there is no fixing what has been done and the behavior mod programs only serve to do more damage. Sick animals die, damaged bodies dont last and that includes the brain that houses the mind, our perception of the world and the essence of Self- who we are or were.

I, unlike other survivors, never got handed that magical opportunity to be sponsored long enough to write a book in peace or to do radio shows, give testimony or found that special therapist or that institution that readily deals with survivors. I have read about people who have and it seems unrealistic to me. For me personally, this system wants me dead and silenced. No amount of NEW INFORMATION is going to change that- I need substantial assistance in being heard, supported and protected. I may have that right now for a few weeks, but it never lasts becuz no one understands this situation other than RA surivors, TI's and abductees.

In the end, society goes about its business and the memory of what happened to a person like me to destroy my life falls into the past as well as anyone taking responsibility for what they did.

I am like a horse gone lame by the side of the road and its only getting worse. I could get up and start on the path again, trotting forward and maybe even get back into the races again later.
But that would take everyone who caused this close to me back home taking responsibility for what they did as well as every stranger recounting thier part in it as well, as perps and victim-witnesses.
That would take Jake admitting his part and taking responsibility, my mother, Julie, the entire community of Brighton MA, various corrupt police depts not only in around the USA as well as companies who seem to employ perps or allow them to utilize thier services for gang stalking campaigns acknowledging thier part as well.
It would take private companies behind military contracts and the medical complex as well to admit to using human experimentees and breaking laws to gain access to humans for this purpose.
It would take an entire country to wake up to the fact that covert activities such as these are not only related back to Nazi human experimentation but that covert activity of a destructive nature, a human sacrifice culture, has been and is in existence, has always been and is the very nature of worldy power on our planet.

'black magic' is what it is called but that is so damn childish its ridiculous. Humans are greedy apes with high intel and access to the godhead or thier own godspark....what is everyone so shocked about?
It would take society admitting that there needs to be a grey area and much help for targets trying to mend or heal from such attacks or campaigns or some recourse. That would take actually admitting that such things go on, therefore revealing the existence of such a system, and thus taking away its greatest power: deception. The deceptiont that it does NOT exist, except in the minds of the insane or the religious..both can be percieved as delusional.

None of what I just wrote it ever going to happen. Why would any of the people who helped destroy me and my life give up any payment or opportunity they were given in return? Human sacrifices do not usually come back and make the takers pay. The point is to take from the living person thier energy. And most people into that sort of thing are pretty well satisfied with that sort of system and the benefits they gain from it.

You will never change thier nature. They cannot be healed they cannot be changed, they cannot be satisfied unless they feed off energy recieved in this way. You can expose them all you want but they have all the power in this situation and we are just a small group who is somehow smart enough to know the nature of what is transpiring.

Ritual abuse is never going to go away and the kiddie freaks that seem so prevalent in the gang stalking system are never going to change either. They will always be control freaks, manipulators and into destroying another human being for thier own benefit.

Go f*ck yourself if that is how you speak to me after all I have been through and that my life will only be in the product of one mere book when I could have had years of productivity in the arts and councilling. The difference between ME and every reader, observer, TI or survivor who thinks like this is that I am realistic about what I am up against and I know the nature of the people involved. Its why I have survived so long against situations that most people wud not have. Some humans are born into this system, bound to it to be sacrificed. Its an ancient practice and there is no getting around it. Most other humnans either dont care, dont realize its a reality or they have a primitive part of themselves actually approving of the ritual and wether they admit it to themselves or not- take part in some way.

You are a fool to believe that this system would ever give up any of its victims or allow the person to have any sort of life. The people involved are the nastiest human beings I have ever run into and they themselves reek of fear, insecurity and ritual indoctrination into the groups with severe abuse. Its a chain of trauma and abuse and there is no way to stop it, heal it or get rid of it.

However, mapping out what happened and who was involved is good enough, becuz them at least there is some record of it. Its mapping out another time line, where the TI would have had a very different life had covert activity not interfered. You make that timeline exist once you reveal why the one that we are focusing on now is false, not random and did not come into existence naturally.

The deception is that I am most likely homeless and half dead due to my own WIll or my own actions. THAT needs to be cleared up and when it is, I can finally rest. You just dont get it do you. This is torture, death and the taking of souls or energy so that others may succeed, survive or exist. There is nothing new or shocking about it. The more realistic you are about the situation you are in the more power you have within it. Dont expect to win, get restitution or ever get your life back. It just doesnt happen that way. This system is not designed to produce happy successful people. Perhaps it squeezes artistically talented people to death so they produce more work or are so deeply wounded that their work is compelling, but the system has no right to do that either and one can tell that its to keep smart creative people from having any hand in changing the world into a better place. It keeps us focused on things that sell better in the arts: tragedy, drama, action, loss, etc.

Only when the TI or survivor can act upon thier own WIll fully is anything ever made good for them again. This system will never allow that to happen so you better get used to just telling what its like to suffer through this and checking out.

Get real will you?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it squeezes artistically talented people to death so they produce more work or are so deeply wounded that their work is compelling...

I've always thought this was the case. Most people seem to agree that artists, when living the life of a tortured soul, have produced very colorful, emotional, and powerful works. This goes for composers, too.

I also hear many instances of artists and writers using some of my internalized compositions that I haven't written down. Little bits and fragments, little unconnected ideas that I haven't strung together into a whole and written out. Maybe my targeting is to usurp some of those ideas, so others can use them in their works. if I ever came out with a whole composition, I can see myself getting sued by the very artists who've basically stolen my ideas, based on the idea that they came out with an actual work before mine, yet the ideas are so similar. Which is why ti's are being used for their artistic talent. Perhaps they are beaten down to make them feel like they have no talent, so they won't notice other artists are using their ideas and fragments? I have seen many many many instances of this, and the people at the street level going along with this seem to have no idea of why they are harassing the target. No idea of the big picture; only the slander and the scripts they have handed to them is all they understand.


I`m a victim of gangstalking also.Please read my blog: