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Monday, April 19, 2010

recent diversion and the guidance system AKA intuition

I have been neglecting you, On_Gangstalking. I had been diverted by a male of course which happens sometimes but due to being a TI- not as much as it should probably.

Of course my erratic behavior and tortured soul ruined it very quickly and he was just too young I think. 9 years does make a difference.

How long would it have lasted with a Christian anyway? Right.

It was interesting how respectful he was in keeping his belief system to himself but southerners can do that I guess. Dont worry I felt a dear punishment for this one from forces beyond. But who can resist a cute southern blonde..(eww, that rhymed.)

I almost got myself hurt. Why? becuz I didnt listen to The Guidance System. Last week I was being bombarded by clear visions and ideations to get my ass out of here and go to the southwest, as if I was missing out on some scheduled travelling. This is what happens when one does not listen. It has always been that way with me. Only since 2003 has the system been so jammed that I cannot make decisions based on such intuitions.

I have been avoiding the guy as he has a very possessing spirit and I have come under his power. Its definately critical time to leave.

He is here now. I had been avoiding him. He found me at one of our regular places. I wanted to handle this like an RA survivor..I wanted to cut him out of me emotionally then compartmentalize the whole thing, and forge on as if it never happened. He is not allowing that.
He is such a good man he deserves someome young, healthy and of similar religious preference and goals.

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  1. I've noticed there are a lot of cyclical events and redundancies, and things that keep re-curring over and over again. Things such as: interviews, street perps who are coopted into gathering info from the target. This always puzzled me, since the system is so good at collecting data without the street perps, then why are the street perps needed then? As far as I know, I was studied for many years before the perps went overt, and they have the means of just sucking right out of me without a human interviewer.

    I'm sure the local mob needs this info to throw it back at the target, but even they seem to be getting "feeds" of information from the main, higher up perps who work with the intelligence agencies. I should be telling obvious street perps, "you should know" every time they pump me for info. I'm thinking those main perps, the Biggies, are very selective in what info they're channeling down to the assholes on the streets.

    Even back in 1987, there was one guy just hanging out at the university where I was starting my studies, and he wasn't a student, and wasn't a security guard. Yet he just sat there in the cafeteria, trying to engage me in conversation. He had a briefcase just like the one I was carrying around at the time, which is suspicious. When I spoke with him, he seemed to be a student, and was familiar with the teachers and professors there at the campus, as well as the courses. He just "happened" to be "enrolled" in Engineering classes, which was my course of study. Of course, he was just faking it, but interesting how he had all the books, the calculator (the fancy scientific HP kind), and he seemed to know a lot about the subject matter. Yet, he was not a student, security guard, and was not attending, enrolled in, or even sitting in on any classes. But he seemed to know about the subject matter.

    Why I mention this, is because the perps went over on me in 2006. But why was this possible informant there in 1987? That seems like too many years before my overt targeting.

    I really can't explain, except maybe I was targeted years before I thought I was, or maybe the system was just building up a case against me in stages, so they can go all gonzo on me years later. Maybe they like to spend many years studying, just watching, with minimal involvement, so they can avoid being detected while building up the programming of the target in little stages, culminating in the big "Bang" years later.