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Friday, April 9, 2010

Christian terrorism- militia groups in USA/recent experiences in San Diego CA

I do believe that some of the gang stalking that TI's experience is done by this kind of person or group. This would register under the 'Cause Stalker' type of perpetrator. Most likely these people are cult mind controlled (brainwashed) like any other group of its kind, and the people at the top are either programmed by covert forces and understand little of the truth about thier motives for thier actions or are in a chain of command that leads to such agencies/covert groups and the persons at the top levels are the same ones working out designs in our society.

Evern TI is at this point pretty aware that the amount of money, resources, access and connections that it would take to pull off campaigns like these ensures that it has got to be people who have access to these resources. The groups and people who do the dirty work are akin to investors who are quiet down to the contractor down to the men laying the bricks to build.

The bricklayer would know little about the silent investor or even who really owns the propterty. This is why eventually every TI realizes that with this much systematic ignoring, police involvement and pay off, sheer numbers or participants and victim witnesses, that the in person 'perps' that we run into are just not capable of pulling such a massive project off. Many times we have come into contact with these people and they have appeared to us as insane, mentally inferior or outright braindamaged, abused or brainwashed. Others more aware of thier actions are either doing so under the gun or gaining something they desire either personal (sexists, racists, sadists) or tangible (protection, pay off, favors, opportunities, entertainment etc).

The cause stalkers often fall under the category of religious terrorists but we dont know that as we interact with them due to they hiding thier identity as well as motives behind being faceless and nameless-organized stalking and harassment. This is the true power of organized stalking and harassment. Without secrecy and surprise attacks and obsession with the target and thier lives there would be no such phenomena or system of oppression known as organized stalking and harassment.

The woman I met in Rachel's, the one who said that Obama was bringing out the greatest evil so that people may see good or some other insane totally illegal theory of religious oppression or cult mind controlled terrorists---she may not be so far off in her far out theory.
The other day I recieved a bag of food with a note in it from the people that were handing it out to us. It stated that perhaps we were in this situation becuz "God" wanted us to hear him and we couldnt unless we were...well basically brought down to this level or similar theory.
I disregarded this of course becuz if that were true then that means that the gang stalking system is indeed run by Christian terrorists. Or at least they believe that is its purpose when in fact they are being used as cult members to do the dirty work of people with very different ends than the ones they believe they are accomplishing.
Think People's Temple with Jim Jones having such a close tie to CIA people and them having a file on him very early on before his rise to power. Hmmmmm.
That is basically how it would be set up but instead of communism or peace love etc as a front, in this era it would be Christian groups or other ideas made popular by the times we live in.

As Mark Phillips once put it: people rarely know who thier 'employer' really is (CIA or other covert faction including organized crime).

I also had a very revealing and disturbing experience on the MTS (San Diego trolley/bus system).

This Mex guy came on like a pan handler would and after he opened his mouth I wished it was some guy asking for change instead (so there is someone worse you can encounter than 'the homeless'!)
He is the same guy I have seen going through the streets with a megaphone last week.

He shouts or speaks loudly about Jesus, repenting yer sins, being saved etc. Yes, we all know that in the NE a bunch of Catholic Irish people would have beat him up by now or Jews roll thier eyes and ban his ass. No such luck here.

Everyone in San Diego is mello but it becomes docility in the face of fascism or oppression and this is not good. Nor is it right.
We must uphold the law and not let extremists take over our country...its a bit late now as fascism from the military, police and govt is not seen as such but hey, lets stop what we can.

He got on, did his thing and walked off the next stop. One could feel the chaos he caused and how he annoyed people just by his actions. I told him off by saying something obnoxious, like "Satan still loves you dude" or other such absurd comment just to be contrary.
This kid in front of me says "Hes right though you know" and starts telling me he goes to his church. He askss me about the Satan comment and I inform his little pea brain, (most likely formed on So Cal public school systems and the melloness of the area resembling everyone being on lithium 24/7, with no respect for healthy rebellion, questioning authority or independent thought.) that I just said that to be an asshole. Then he starts bragging about his insane church. I wont let him get any energy out of me by thinking he is right and we are all just non believers or in our hearts know we are wrong.
I state that back home he would have been bruised up by now. He asks where home is I tell him Boston.

He then started bragging about the manpower even fire power of the church. He stated that "All that guy has to do is to make on phone call and a bunch of people will show up". Is that a f*ckin threat? Becuz I kinda grew up with the same concept due ot my uncles connections except we were taught to shut the f*ck up about it not advertise to the world like this moron.

I reminded him that THE LAW of the USA states I am supposed to have religious freedom. He replied "Thats true". What else could he say? It also reveals that these are people in this church that are looking for truth as he seemed to not be able to argue with fact or in his mind 'truth'.

He then claims that former gang members are part of the church and something about killing. either that the church has prevented him from being killed or that its kept gang bangers from killing again.
I then remind him that THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO LEAVE THE GANGS ALIVE ESPECIALLY IN LATINO CULTURES. He shuts the f*ck up as he knows what I am talking about and also prob realizes I know a con when I see one.
The whole time there was this black guy sitting all tensed up on the seat to my front right. Like he was either offended, with this kid in his views or perhaps part of the same cult..I mean church.

I ignored them both and went on to talk to a guy who wanted me to fix his phone. He then turned out to be a bit off as he started claiming theories of being able to alter the earth's gravitational pull with his mind and that the north pole had a hole in it where people, space ships, could get into the center of the earth that was hollow.
Personally I would rather talk to the schizophrenic guy (or another plant pretending to be crazy who was really part of this scene) and comfort him by stating that man did indeed have more natural power before humans starting imprisoning themselves in false environments made of concrete and screwing up the ecosystem. That is not untrue anyway.

So we see that religious militancy can exist even without raw fire power. Its true that getting gangsters, (who are criminals with criminal minds or expendable mind controlled soldiers) to 1)get a way of of gangs and still stay alive 2)get out of gangs and reduce crime and harm to the community is perhaps a good thing and they will probably do so becuz they are either 1)criminals with criminal minds or 2) mind controlled expendable soldiers so they either are taking advantage of an opportunity or the church gives the dedicated soldier somewhere else to be a dedicated soldier.
but the fact that we are now dealing with: CRIMINAL MINDS AND EXPENDABLE MIND CONTROLLED SOLDIERS in the ranks of a religious church is not exactly comforting either.

In case you did not get my point that I tried to make rather humourously: we are now stuck with men and women perhaps, trained in urban warfare, who were dedicated to die for a cause with little respect for human life outside the gang/cult or logic, now being part of such a church.

Perhaps now you see where Cause Stalkers can come from.


Anonymous said...

I get some of that, too... stuff like "If God leads you to it, he will lead you through it". Or "you were chosen to live this life because God thought you were strong enough to handle it".

Anonymous said...

Another ideation I get presented with is "if you're going through hell, keep on going". Easy for perps and people involved to say. Why should we be the ones to be going through hell if we've committed no crimes?