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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a reminder of the purpose of this blog

You are going to have to accept that this blog is for educational purposes. That means that I must tell it like it is so that everyone can see just how bad this is and how it goes down. Yes educational means me giving my life experience and telling of any solutions I have found or info that is helpful. People need to see just what goes on in the lives of targeted individuals. There are too many cops and other authority figures with way too much powwer post 9-11 that are involved and this gets the TI labeled unofficially, perhaps even before they can make the mistake of claiming harassment. I was lucky..well if you want to call it that. I had some covert faction making it very clear from the get go to NOT go to authorities partially also due to the cops being major harassers in Boston. That covert faction was guidance as well as dropped info. I will never know if they were govt,military, police, secret society, religious or gang/ organized crime people who helped me. My situation is so seems at different times my life and my family have connected to all those factions.

A woman just commented that its got to be some sort of govt ready to take over, in the comment section. Gang stalking has been around too long to be representative of something new. The chemical warfare and psychological warfare parts of it are in recorded history as used by both military the covert factions of any society that historically attempts to influence events. The difference now in this modern time is technology. That allows me to tell you very close to real time with very little money and connections what is happening to me and generally during this campaign. It also allows someone from the survaillence end to hack in and see probably where I am right now and what I am writing. A satellite could be survailling me right now or even making a reality show out of any of this for the very wealthy- even a game could be made out of it, like keep paying us or we will torture the TI to death or something akin to the old gladiator games and they bet on us winning etc.
I read that cops in Chicago area are notorious for using CCTV to hunt personal enemies- that is what the site said. That shows that survaillence is used by people in power as a game or for thier own personal benefit.

THIS is what everyone was trying to warn the public about for years, but the public is not savvy enough about crime to understand that it was never going to be as overt as the book/movie 1984. Well, that book does show how mind games and brainwashing, coercion etc is used as it has always been and is being used now..but that world had to be formed slowly over generations as it is being done now. Its very easy to engineer when its done from the shadows and slowly over time. Most people cant seem to step back and look at time over a large legth of time line, which is where the engineering occurs. The speed of thier living and percieving life going on around them seems to always I have met people who claim they cannot recall what they did yesterday or last year. That might be why some 'see' and others do not. You have to slooowww d-o-w-n-n-n your view of time, of history- your own and the world around you. You can always speed up again, like when sucked into a group situation where yer with friends for a long while and you get into a speed or mode of thier living. Different people or groups you encounter exist with different perceptions of time this will affect your personal reality.
So many people are miserable in the time and world perception they exist in and cant understand this angst or unhappiness. Well then, you belong somewhere else, doing something else which is why you are in pain. The system we live in in our modern world is not the end all be all of reality and it is NOT for everyone nor everyone's DNA. Humans have not been civilized all that long as we know it today.
I come from people who do not belong inside working behind a desk, thus my urge to smash things if they dont work. I need to be outside being physical. Yet I also carry DNA from the ancient classical world of the Mediterranean and to that part percieves America as somewhat immature. Also none of us has any ancestor that has had to deal with technology being in our presense 24/7, training us like monkeys to be its counterpart instead of using tech as a tool for what WE want it to do. It started out that way but a virtual prison has been built with tech and this needs to be looked at and dealt with. I still have to laugh at the folly of that lowly Albertsons bagger grabbing me outside in the dark due to him thinking I was stealing when they have a very costly survaillence system. So what good is all that tech with human error still present?
Man is too immature and too aggressive to use tech responsibily. The military are the last people on earth that one wants to have that much power. They could create a military dictatorship without being overt about it like in other nations where the military has taken over.
And corporations..forget it. This is part of the reason that that readers govt theory doesnt wash...corporations have mobbing groups within thier companies to get rid of or handle employees. This is accepted by society as a legit claim but its still ignored do to its foul play/dirty tricks nature. As usual no one wants to deal with it so its kept in the dark, filed under 'Nightmares' in the human conshusness, yet it exists and is experienced daily.
Corporations may have armies of 'perps'. I know that its accepted they have spies and all sorts of other nasties. Big corporations are like empires and they used to rightly be percieved this way. In recent years somehow a campaign has altered the perception of these business empires to encompassing an entire lifestyle that is only good, right and the kind of thing that good little Capitalists do, or upstanding citizens take part in. The entire covert warfare end of corporate life has been whitewashed via the perceptions that if you are in thier family, part of that lifestyle then you are doing the right things.
Yesterday my friend and I met a man and his son near the ball park at a bus stop. Later we talked and I said what did you think of our friend we met? He said he seemed "cool". I commented and he said "What the clean cut family man?" I was appalled that appearences drove his perception of a person he just met. Not looking deep into the eyes or watching body language. I informed him that the guy was most likely a woman beater or some other problems with temperment.
He just went quiet.

The hidden or dark sides of life are what most people dont want to know about yet they exist daily and make connections to our lives in ways we see and ways we do not percieve. The corporate lifestyle as a righteous one has been shoved down our throats in this country since the 1980's. But back then there were alternatives- everyone had a freedom of choice that is what America is supposed to be about.
Now there exists a police state as well as a controlled environment where survaillance as well as citizens being snitch minded along with the world of big pharma psychiatry insisting on dosing everyone who does not fit in, even though their criteria for 'disorders' are shaky at best and are soley relative to society's norms. Big pharma of course doesnt want the public to be educated enough to know that there is a DISORDER model and a TRUAMA model for diagnoses. They just want them to recieve psychiatry as a pop culture or layman's understanding of it where now everyone is an armchair psychiatrist who diagnoses or at the least wants to discuss what one's diagnoses one has. Having bi polar disorder is like fitting in nowadays. Its just THE thing to have. Ridiculous.
This along with the limiting of freedoms and limitation of movement or mobility in the US has created a controlled environment- no one knows the worst of it as a Targeted Individual does. This is not paranoia, its a reality that a citizen cannot even be alone within thier own mind or thier own homes in this day and age. The taking away of privacy is one of the most imporant tactics in creating a cult and utilizing cult mind control (aka brainwashing) on human beings.

This blog shows the absolute worst examples of abuse of power within the modern world where authority can abuse any tool to its ends. The only thing from stopping a total revolution of America's people is that there is enough resources to keep a large number of citizens appeased thus compliant..along with mass 'mind control' using tech and psychological warfare- which no one believes anyway.

Every thing that happens to me is important to show on this blog. I will not "stop the suicide talk" if that is what is happening to me at that given moment. This is the reality of covert warfare and how nasty this system is. You have to remember that the system hates me due to my being smart enough (and dropped info by other factions) to avoid an official label as well as having just enough dirt on important people to be inconvenient.

Victim witnesses readily commit suoicide or have 'accidents' in the USA and this is a long term practice.. of any power structure. Look at people surrounding the Kennedy assasination- dont read conspiracy or believe what I tell you. Go ahead. Pull up a website that gives you a look at simple documented facts on what happened to multiple witnesses surrounding that event. Over years time there were so many accients, withdrawls of testimony and cancer it obviously forms a pattern.

This system is nothing new nor does it deserve the cover of silence any longer, that is its only real mode of survival. If I post the day I light my own f*cking pyre then you must read becuz its real, its happening and its the least a society of cowards can do for me along with other TI's who need to see just how this works and just what can happen to a target.

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Randy said...

Wouldn't it be better to burn a pyre full of perps?