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Friday, October 23, 2009

controlling the primitive energy of man as ultimate social control

In the video of the day posted to the right there is mention of the Anglo empire dictatorship or at least thier way of doing things.

The things I deal with more than other activists is the metaphysical aspect. This is very hard to navigate but it has to be dealt with. Due to idea that when you get into things like psychological warfare and altering events falsely really what you are doing is altering space and time falsely. Literally and in the person's perception.

The most dangerous part of any campaign to control man is deep inside man. You can trap him in a world of ads and television, imposing archetecture or other subliminal ways of control. If he no longer responds to these and as well,say, give him access to an information network where he can reach around the world or learn the truth for himself about things that may oppress him, you may need to dig further.

You begin to get into feelings and thoughts from within. You may even need to separate man from age old powers of his ancient culture. Digging deep within the DNA we can all rouse frightening energy especially from music of our ancestors. You would not believe the efforts, especially nowadays, to supress music and other media that connect peoples as well as activate energy production within people.  It seems very important to get rid of any and all native culture (and I mean from the blondest to the darkest peoples) that produces art that can energize the mind, the body or the spirit to a point where it becomes powerful.

The church used to serve this end but now that is not the way.

I see in the campaign to control man, in my own country anyway, the production of music that is bland, formulatic, purposefully enslaving. Top 40 has always been this way. However the invention of HD radio seems to make another effect...there is something about HD radio that makes it so energy cannot be gained from music. The mind is also not free to ponder on what one is listening to.

All efforts to heal oneself or gain/produce healing energy is very important to stifle.

Anyone who shows marked ability to produce large amounts of energy or any culture that can do the same will be cut down.

In the book by Bush's former speech writer we see a frightening attitude towards sensuality and expression-
Why must jazz be made non threatning as stated in this book? Why are there "..too many Italians making love to thier food"? This isnt a joke. Making things non-sensual and non-threatning may be one of the most dangerous ways to control life energy expression in man.

Technologies or drugs used towards this end would also have a great controlling effect on a population. Why build churches or preach when you can just block with technology, what makes humans powerful energy wise?

I know the concept of orgone is disputed by skeptics..that's becuz you had someone trying to use generators or creating a machine to capture said energy. I am talking about just experiencing it naturally.
It seems the threat is in any energy that can be expressed by man that is psychic or if man can connect to each other or if there is any 'psychic' force at all. Humans being able to have an inner life or go within the dimensions within themselves seems especially threatning now.

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