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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The internet and how it may take the life of a TI

So much of our life force is put into this network known as the internet..I wonder sometimes. No I KNOW there is something gone wrong with this.

Physical spaces are important to consider for a TI as old buildings seem safer for alot of us. Not only are the materials and solid building probably better to interrupt being targeted but energy from the past and past life forms seems to linger within these structures.

The structure of the internet is ever changing. But things are becoming difficult. Not free and not anonymous.Though the new Youtube design is easier to use the old one had its structure and its not something I wanted disturbed.

Not only does this take away a sense of control for the user really the creator of the work it changes the very history of energy that makes a time line for every TI and our activities.

This is very important for those of us who have no permanent place to call home and the only consistnecy IS a cyber place. Often we dont dare have our own websites as TIs show they get crashed often.

This could lead to a chance for the system to use this for modification.

All that modification is is to ensure the person no longer hangs onto the reality that once was. And through gang stalking- isolation, terrorizing, psych warfare, brain washing and systematic denial/ignoring of the TI this is what is attempted everyday.

I feel part of my timeline is tweeked or lost in cyberspace when the energy I originally put into things is altered or changed by whatever  change occurs in the cyber world.

This may pose the worst danger of all.Didnt Tim Leary commit suicide on the internet? This might be another way to ensure that you lose it and do away with yourself.
Lets take the away the person's real life out in the natural and man made world of solid and have them dedicate their energies to this cyber realm. Only to find years later when the harassment dies down that others have made lives for themselves or been handed opportunity and we have spent our lives doing something where still no one is listening.

Then we find that all the energy stored in our projects and creations in cyberspace are altered or that this is possible. For some TIs these cyber structures define thier history. And they can be more sure of these structures than the 1984 esque attempts constantly being made to re write the persons history of events in 'real' life.

So I suggest making a storline and documenting your story. Its like a back up disk of reality. Its sad but at this point you'll need it.

There is ALOT of non physical interference here...what was I thinking coming back here? This place can only be described by a word from the ancient hippie dialect from the 1960's. Heavy..and quite unpleasant for sure.

I'll feel relief the second I clear Boston proper..I always do. Outta here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Internet is designed to entrance the brain and become part of the "CPU" of the individual's brain.
I always put lots of orgonite next to the PC and the monitor. It does dampen and help me concentrate in a more detached way. It's also a web of lies and liars and I don't know if you're like me, but I have certainly gotten caught in the "forum webs" and it's amazing how much psychic energy gets transfered that way. I've wisened up after some cyberstalkers. People become evil on the internet sometimes...they loose themselves and take out their crap on others in ways they would NEVER do in "real life".

Oh the days when we all dealt with eachother in print and person. ~