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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finally...a way to utilize David Lawson's book "Terrorist Stalking in America"

The reason this book became useless to alot of us is that
-no one could really find the author or he seems to mysterious to be credible
-it never mentions the involvement of fire, police or union workers (city workers, street, construction)
-it only offers the theory that they are "cults" or "extremist groups"..

We all know damn well that is NOT the only reason this is happening.  This book gave alot of false hope to many a TI early in their victimization.

However, after viewing this again :
....and after years and much travel being targeted in many different locations I am convinced that he is right about them being cults and extremest groups IN THIER NATURE or the way the members are enslaved to do this sort of work..


That seems to be the part that is omitted. Perhaps the author felt it was better to not say such things or perhaps this was a disinfo attempt.  Either way I just aced a way for you to make use of  something that was originally meant to weaken you.  

If you take this video and the books info and realize that they are cult mind controlled (as per my experience across the country) but definitely they are utilized by someone higher up..thats for sure.


Jeremy said...

The perps are in fact a lot like the religious zealot terrorists we are allegedly at war with... they are mind-controlled and cultists. This covert war is a war of the mind-controlled against those who are free, for the benefit of the psychopaths who hate and fear the free thinkers. It has to be covert because most mind-control victims would not knowingly destroy innocent people in this way. They have to be made to believe that they are doing something good, and that if there are injustices, they are minor compared to the great things being done.

I personally believe this whole thing is structured (for legal reasons) in such a way that the intelligence agencies don't officially get their hands dirty. They may contract out the dirtiest work to secret societies, criminal gangs, cults, who are heavily infiltrated by the intelligence agencies. So really the intelligence agencies are running the show, but you'll find this very hard to prove. It's very hard for an outsider to connect even some of the dots.

Anonymous said...

But doesn't that lead to faulty reasoning, such as John Lennon was really done in by the FBI? It's well documented that Lennon was the target of numerous investigations by the FBI. I really wonder what the link there was, and this would take a fair amount of investigation, to prove that Mark Chapman was somehow mind-controlled into committing this crime.