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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deceptions by perps- validating any and all abuse via excuses/keeping true motives for targeting hidden

I had a little week long rest once. In this place were female perps like you wouldnt believe. One I even recognized but couldnt figure out from where ( I hate that-when it happens.)
A younger woman named Danielle Debrule started being friendly with me. Out of nowhere she said (once again the faceless 'They') "They're angry with you because you're not accepting your situation".
[Of course I never will accept this 'situation' the way I can tell its laid out for me. The choices of being either a suicide, turned into a total submissive abused sex slave or a normalized, uncreative hive worker- basically an emptied battery- does not appeal to me. None of those were in MY original plans nor are any of those outcomes good enough for me.]
She then described how John Kerry's daughter "needed to learn the way the world worked" due to the fact that she was full of herself in high school and tried to act that way in college. She then validated all the actions she was intimating had been done against this other obviously targeted person, by stating that Kerry's daughter eventually won a marathon or some other accomplishement. (Danielle also has an AOL address..its My Jedi Mind Trix..what does that say?)

Firstly, if you are capable of achieving and excelling the gang stalking system will more permanently limit any long term capacity you have via damage. Its like you only get to spit out great towering achievement after they almost crush you. You produce this out of the instinct to survive and to prove your life is worth something..that you are still alive.

I know. It was basically intimated by another source at another time: that one artistic achievement was all I had in me. And its all due to thier non sense. But I often know what other things could I have done or works I could have produced.

Secondly, if your a politician's daughter then you are going to be targeted for purely political reasons or for reasons of power play concerning that family not becuz of some perception about the way you act socially.

But I bet the public or some of the crowd actually will believe that.

These are the ways that perps validate what they do to people's lives. Invalidate and deny that its abuse at all.
If you believed her you'd think that 'the crowd' thought she deserved it and it was for her own good after all becuz in the end she achieved something.
This is total bullsh*t.
The whole time this girl spoke about this she was totally jealous of the target she was talking about and looked as if Kerry's daughter won the lottery and she didnt when she said that she ended up racing a marathon..(notice the word 'ended'.She "ended up" doing something. In the end.. She used that specifically.
All thier games or plays or theatres have 'ends' to them. They dont live them, they play along in them. (In YOUR life) Really I could tell that the system she had become part of (as a perp) out of obvious desperation and lack of her own Will to break out of slavery was never going to let her go..and THAT is what she was jealous of--in the end(ha ha).

In THE END these people play along with YOUR life and help ruin it and the whole time they never get any mention or attention of thier own. Its like they are non entities. And they dont care for what damage they cause becuz as far as they are concerned you were superior to them anyway and in the end you'll prove that by achieving under extreme duress when they cant do shit on thier own to begin with.

Most likely they are either programmed or they are just too group minded and afraid of the consequences of leaving what is essentially a cult. So they dont consider the damage caused to you the target becuz they think, like an envious thief, that you can afford to lose what they dont have to begin have enough of it.

Directing the public's mind to the conclusion or convincing doubtful/thinking individuals that what is done is valid, deserved, necessary or beneficial is one of the greatest deceptions I have encountered them working on. I have seen them try to pass it off on me and I have seen them try and succeed often, to convince someone to perp me or pass judgment that ends up in my misery.

Its something they have to maintain constantly in order for thier system to work.

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  1. "Ocean's Thirteen" is a good example of Hollywood propaganda supporting gang stalking and vigilante groups. The guy in the movie probably had it coming to him, which helps to justify gang stalking in the public's mind. If you haven't watched this movie, check it out. It's got it all: frame-ups, infiltrators even in the FBI, huge networks of people who all contribute minor things, invasive 24/7 surveillance, etc.

    I know George Clooney is considered extremely cool, but he's played a major role in this disinfo flick, and then there's the "Men Who Stare At Goats" flick where he plays a psychic warrior who can do most of the stuff we know the psychotronic weaponry can do, plus control the weather (HAARP). Maybe he's a wonderful guy and if so, that makes the Hollywood machine all that much more evil - getting good people to play a role in discrediting US torture victims.