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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Targets are from all social stratas and classes

Received a correspondence from someone who thinks that only poor people get targeted. THIS IS WHAT THE SYSTEM WANTS YOU TO THINK and its part of alot of PR campaigns against the TI.

COMMENT: Many people "don't care" as long as they are
part of the herd that torments us. Most of
these morons probably don't realize that
anyone can become a Targeted Individual
if they are poor working class. Rich people
don't get stalked and electronically tortured
for obvious reasons.

REPLY: Read my blog. on there at the bottom there is a refence to a movie by nick Bloomfield called "searching for maggie" or something like that. Its about thier camera crew following Margeret Thatcher. In it there is a man who claims alot of what is considered by me and other TIs to be organized stalking and harassment for sure.

His business was ruined, he was hacked etc etc. He was saying too much at one time about Thatchers son's involvement in drug trafficking or rings. He was part of British politics which is notoriously classist country.

If anything, rich people and connected people get targeted all the time. THey are victim witnesses to alot of things that are profitable and important...also they have what we dont have-cred when they open thier mouths.

It seems gang stalking is often about VICTIM WITNESS INTIMIDATION. . You may not even know why...but they do.
This is why a pr campaign has to be waged against poor make people believe that poverty or immorality has something to do with motive.
Please see this movie.
THer is also another movie about Princess Di it was on cable a year or so back.

It has a couple talking about thier house being entered ever so carefully for someone to get a document pertaining to her death. They were told " You werent burglarized, you were targeted..and at no time ever were your lives in danger." at that point I guess his wife started crying.

actually the more you know or the more info you have to cause embarassment, the more you'll be likely to be targeted.

There are other examples I am sure that you can find of  people being targeted everywhere. Why would someone spend money on such manpower against a person who was a mere nothing? It doesnt make sense.

The perps will put out any amount of bullshit surrounding any part of the campaign against a TI. Only you know for sure why you are targeted..and if you dont then you need to do more research.


Anonymous said...

Getting people involved in gangstalking is more about manpower and willing participants than it is about oh, some rich elite powerful Free Mason is pulling strings to do this. A lot of people think Our Government is putting "official" contracts out on "dissidents", and I don't think it's like this at all. There are perps "stationed" at various important places, such as the phone company, utilities, internet provider, etc., so that it's possible to have connected "villains" there sharing the information. I was asked if I'm good at programming, so apparently, I was being "looked at" as a possible hacker. That's the way I look at it. But I'm not sure this is some official government operation that some people think. Or, it's the Trilateral Commission on free masonry or whatever. I'm not sure really who is "behind" it, but it could potentially mean we are being invaded by a foreign nation. Gangstalking crosses every single nation you can think of, so the programmed perps thing is world-wide, and they do share info between nations.

Medawar said...


Perhaps hard to grasp, but not actually off-topic. The concluding paragraph may actually be Medawar's best for some time, but not every mind will see that.

The photograph isn't great art, but it is relevant to the text!

Anonymous said...

My hypothesis is that this Organized Stalking has always existed, but has gotten much more efficient in recent years. That's my present theory. So, you can go back to the earliest days of the US, say 1770 and later, and you can see evidence of various people being targeted and controlled and manipulated. Hence, the System as we know it today was already functioning, as it had probably many hundreds of years prior to 1770 even.

Anonymous said...

One look at MK Ultra and Monarch and it's obvious the rich, esp. the super rich, get targeted far more extensively than us working class folk. Look at the children of rich people like Paris Hilton for example. Of course she has a butterfly tat on her back clearly marking her as a typical Monarch victim. Here is a woman who made a sex tape and was in it talking on her cell phone while getting banged by some guy. Classic example of sexual abuse victim behavior. Paris is a rich person who always has been and will be extensively infiltrated and mind controlled. And the public ridicules and obsesses over her, just like they are supposed to.

No, the rich get a whole other level of this shit. ~

Medawar said...

It's largely organized crime, it's just that when the Berlin Wall fell and there were thousands of highly-trained STASI agents looking for new openings, German-American organized crime in particular got a LOT more organized, almost overnight.

But stalking was happening to some extent in Austria in Hadyn's time.

Fascism and organized crime both came out of Sicily at roughly the same time and it would be foolish to suppose that these are actually different things. In essence, it's an attempt to return to the ways of the Roman Empire, where individual criminals might be horribly punished, if they annoyed someone rich, but crime gangs were considered part of society and would actually be consulted about policy and laws!

The KGB aka FSB have an institutionalized belief that Moscow is "The Third Rome" (The second Rome was Constantinople) and this means that they are inclined the same way: there is no conflict between the Russian Mafia and the FSB, just as gangs on the Aventine didn't argue with Caesar!

But since the STASI was actually better organized (more single-minded) than the KGB, it wouldn't surprise Medawar if the ex-Stasi were now the senior partners. And the Roman-Catholic hierarchy have always wanted things this way, even if ordinary priests and monks would be appalled.

The freedoms we see as normal were largely invented by non-conformist Christians in post-civil war England, and this may explain why what appears to be just a criminal gang, that ought to be motivated ONLY by profit, goes to such lengths, and spends money, destroying people's freedoms.

There is an ideology behind it all, and it's really a worship of Ancient Rome rather than Christianity.

Anonymous said...

it's society that is getting away with just too much this is why these perps are here. it's time it ended first of all I never knew about Stalking or targeted individuals until I went on the internet finally it all made sense to all those problems I have been going through and still currently suffering.