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Friday, October 16, 2009

Movie Review- "Human Target" aka "Final Round" 1994 star Lorenzo Lamas

Hollywood has a knack for taking subject matter that is so sinister that it is totally feasible and making it look like its pure imagination. Especially if its low budget. (the Sci Fi channel serves this purpose now I assume).
However I have noticed that the gang stalking system could very well give dry writers alot of ideas..such as female musicians from Boston who were known as difficult so moved to LA, thier concept album sucked so they make an album out of TIs stories and say mine was included..oh, and say my ex who sold me out made her video. Stuff like that tends to make one suspect that intel people do more for Hollywood than just advise slightly on movie sets.

There are multiple stories concerning other sides to this possible same system, like Hollywood targeting people with gang stalking like actions while they are negotiating for a contract..for instance the guy who lived through the real life Quiz show era was negotiating his story with lawyers and refused to be bamboozled and he wrote in The New Yorker about such 'odd' and 'strange' experiences resembling being spied on, targeted, watched and random, mild interrogation for information.

This movie is another possible dimension to a TIs situation.
Its satisfying also due to the person we can imagine is the TI winning in the end and crashing the whole system. Enjoy!

Its also wonderfully 80's cheesy, such as one of the fight moves being putting a guys head against a ceiling fan. Great.


Anonymous said...

Yes. But the question is, how long has Hollywood been doing this? I've seen some movies as far back as the early 70's that have ideas fed from the gangstalking system. Like the one movie which had a distinctive Vampire theme to it, where in the end everyone was very sterile and happy and waving to each other. It had an aggression like theme to it; everyone was being "infected" with this... whatever, making them conform.

Gangstalking has gotten so much worse for everyone now compared to what was happening back in those days, though, because a much larger segment of the population is carrying out the gangstalking now. It's the "cool" thing to do to people now, with the bullying and keeping TI's "in line". I've noticed a lot more "general public" are now are joining in on the bullying.

Carolina deWitte said...

Well, the internet sure makes that easier to do now, doesn't it? You can say anything about anybody and nobody knows, or can usually find out, who 'you' are. Think of the entire 'anonymous' movement.

Carolina deWitte said...

Help! I've left a comment 2 or 3 times on one of the newer posts, and I think it's important, but it doesn't seem to be going through for some reason. Please, let me know if you got it, and if you have any answers for me. Please.