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Saturday, October 24, 2009

the hackers who harass us

I often wonder what these people possibly on the other end are thinking. I wonder if they know why they are targeting us, if its personal or business. If they hate us becuz there actually IS a movement out there where people think some or us are not good enough to have lives..or that they are so insane that they believe we need reform. Its probably just social control and just like the interviews from COINTELPRO videos from the 60s they have bought into the whole thing about anyone going up against the system "not knowing how to act" and it being there job to fix that by destroying lives. (by the way these people are either brainwashed or programmed. Believe it.)

There may be actual cleansing going on like we are not good enough or something and need to never be able to have successful lives.

There are many people who firmly believe in social control through such methods..I have met them and heard it inferred right there in my face that certain people are a threat that must be put down. You would not believe the attitudes that you are dealing with. I have had many interactions where things were said and done that are absolutely outrageous concerning some insane delusional sense of privileged to destroy and handle someone perceived as an activist or for social change. We all know the perps are insane but most of them are being intimidated in ways you dont see..its like someone threatening you with a gun at the front door of a house becuz some other guy has snuck in the back door and now has a gun to HIS head.

All these things are of course reasons perps may do things as they are misinformed of the truth as to why a TI is targeted.

The problem is that hackers do not have to show themselves and THIS is the most frustrating part of being targeted. They will never have to pay for what they did or what they have taken from a TI. Unless of course the system higher up decides its time..heh heh heh. This just could be the only way for a TI to get revenge. If there is intervention at a level ABOVE the networks themselves.

Who does this spoiled brat on the left really work for? who are his true employers?  american industry trash
omg what a bunch of  hipster douchebags..oy fukin vay: Chase bank ? give it up.y did anyone in norway ever talk to this guy anyway. r u insane? way to be a threat and then get destroyed..mediocrity can now reign again. fabulous. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm really confused as to what their aims/goals are. The stalking/harassment/street theatre is relentless; however, I've been treated oddly well at times by certain factions. Not sure what that is all about... maybe it's some sort of reward for not ratting on my perps. Or maybe it's just the region I'm living in now. They said they aren't trying to put me down, but I've had just a few wackos tell me I need to "end it". Probably just a couple of jerks who don't know what this is all about.