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Friday, October 9, 2009

On yesterday's post

 How it should be:

I did not have time to mention that I was getting dressed in the van where I got harassed so I could go to the hospital for a suspected UTI and I was pissing blood. Also my old scars from multiple endometriosis surgeries sometimes suffer due to the heaviness of my backpack  and for the last two days I had been laid out unable to walk in the van.
Essentially they messed with someone who was trying to get a ride out for a medical reason...why would you do that?

So I dont want some BS attitude about how this is what everyone deals with from 'front gate' or that they dont put up with anyone's bullsh*t etc.
The plain and simple fact is that I did not give them any bullshit they gave me unwarranted grief that was unfair and instead of being called on their shit and standing up to what they did they had me mobbed to cover up for their mistake..

ALL FOR SOME OOGLE NAMED JASMINE WHO HAS NEVER BEEN TO A GATHERING ..I find the whole thing very interesting--and highly suspect.

I seem to have been warned about that van as well in Nashville..the kid who owns it has slipped and said that his dads money goes towards the fact that he 'gets lots of tickets for stealing and never gets in trouble'. I should have known that the owner of the van paid off the cops somehow becuz it stands out like a sore thumb on the road..
When that van showed up in Nashville at the squat a cop car haunted our spot until said van and its occupants left town.(they came back again and this is in my tired state I just decided to go to the gathering) It was probably a warning and  I ignored it.
I also had the feeling that I should NOT go to this gathering but go straight to my next destination...and now I know why..

Like I said at a Rainbow family gathering that was much larger, you'd have park rangers and elders and more true level headed security. And that is also becuz this was not a money making gathering so keeping the peace isnt that important..
Its another lesson about activism: Anyone who is really doing anything is a threat to those inside and outside the system. I just wonder how rebellious most people I meet really are.
My activism is based on how to avoid cult mind control and the power of group think and 'the mob'..was it expected that I would just bow down to some concept of a cult to explain away a certain factions actions?  I am THE LAST person who is going to be intimidated by a group, especially a faction of that group that resembles corrupt 'might makes right' or some form of fascism.

Like I said before  bigger gatherings with more level headed people measure up to Rainbows claims in a big way..but beware always and be ever vigilant of ANY group that demands you put up with abuse as part of 'the way it is'.  Its then called a cult.
And I know Rainbow in its finest expression is NOT that.
(anyone got even limited "access"? I would LOVE to see this guy's full rap sheet)


  1. I think their biggest weapon is getting us worn down and demoralized. And I keep getting asked why I never look happy? Well, when you're getting openly harassed, and then getting mocked saying "ah we're picking on him again, followed by laughter", I really have to wonder what mental state some of these delusional gangstalkers are in? They apparently just don't care what happens to us. All these ridiculous themes they use... I really wonder where all their hate and self-righteousness comes from. Or if they aren't truly hating, but just following orders of our true handlers (the gods who mete out the orders to the perp-slaves beneath them). It's amazing how I get people going along with the harassment, and who wonder why I look so pissed off all the time. It's like no big deal to them to take part in a murderous acts, almost as if they aren't strong enough so they have to take part in the harassment, and yet expect us to be happy because we're supposed to be strong and able to take it. I wouldn't be surprised if that attack on you wasn't ordered by The Gods who run your harassment, as they are in destroy mode, as you are rebelling against their omnipotence.

  2. That's the nature of the system... reward and protect those meting out the murderous acts. If they're thieves, no big deal... they'll just get reduced jail time or nothing at all (complete protection by the perps).

  3. At first, I thought you wrote "fright makes right". I can't tell you how often I'm afraid to walk past ANY group of people here in town, as any group of two or more people are certainly involved in intimidation tactics of some sort.

    I've noticed that even people who are super kind and supportive of me are going along with the harassment, at least when the "wrong" person is with them at the time.

  4. It's a mixture of fear and sadism.

    Some of these people get off on the cruelty so much, that they'd almost pay to get involved!

    In actual fact, the Animal Rights Militia does get paid, by a certain "rock" singer (it's more of a droning whine, UK singer but lives in Rome, don't want to libel him, eh!) Apparently, going along on "actions" with them, raises his stature and credibility within the sort of celebrity social circle that matters to him. Which says an awful lot about rock-star celebrities, really.

    You also find that individuals who are active in animal rights, vandalizing homes and threatening people with death and the rape of their loved ones, will also turn up for the BNP and Combat 18 on "paki-bashing" exercises.

    They like doing it, and indeed are addicted to it. The kind ones know this, and are absolutely terrified of the day when all this is turned on them, so they go along with it.

    PS: every so often, your experiences become really hair-raising to read about. Although, Medawar knows that it's always less frightening at the time, in a way. On the occasions when a stolen car had suddenly appeared and been driven straight at him, he'd always been too occupied with getting behind a solid obstruction (no point in just dodging!) to be frightened.

    Funnily enough, the murder attempts always follow information getting to the police, about the involvement of local perps with the under-age sex trade. They are not afraid of jail, but they are terrified of going to jail as "nonces" and all the other prisoners doing unto them, the sort of thing they do to us. But the simple solution, NOT getting schoolgirls hooked on H and pimping them out, doesn't seem to occur to them.