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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shawnee, Illinois "rainbow" gathering..beat up for standing up

I want to say for the record that bigger regionals as well as the nationals I went to were HEALING and very loving and accepting of me. I actually healed from being around  Rainbow family.
The sub regional known as 'Shawnee' is not the same kind of Rainbow gathering at all but a few kitchens with some very questionable trash doing 'security' at their imaginary, self created "front gate".

Now I see the govt's problem with them...but they don't seem smart or motivated enough to be terrorists as they like to claim they are on blacklists for. I looked at front gate..if you wanted to take them out as part of something 'in the interest of national security' or some sort of Jonestown type deal that is hush-hush getting rid of a threatening out of control group of would be very easy the way they are set up. I am saying it would have been done LONG AGO that way if they were truly a threat.
 And people in the kitchens told me to go to front gate to call them on thier actions or to talk to 'council'. Really what this did is lure me or bait me into thier 'territory' so that I would have to either keep quiet about what they did on the way out or say something  and get f*cked with.

I could call the cops but I will let Rainbow take care of itself..or whoever would like to intervene perhaps silently on my behalf...or as always wait for an opportunity to present itself. It always does.

Also Budah was driving a TN plate 759WBM beige ford explorer. Probably someone elses car.

What one also may be dealing with is subliminal racism, classism or sexism.  Alot of these kids are still working for the 'man' whether they know it or not. Alot are from upper middle class families or wealthy families and they seem very passive aggressive or have repressed anger or rage issues that they were raised to WASPily politely 'stifle it'.
If they think, just like daddy, that they can get away with pushing around a poor, ethnic sort of  person who is also a female left on her own it seems they much identifying with the aggressor they are trying so hard to escape from. Or perhaps anyone who is really doing anything against the system and not just hiding out in the woods is a threat as in a capitalist society they quietly depend on that very system to fuel and fund thier oasis.
If you go to the Nationals and larger gatherings (out west moreso I assume) you will get the magic and healing of Rainbow and they live up to thier ideals and thier claims.

An interesting note about Shawnee national forest and the town of Anna ILL, USA.
IT IS DIRECTLY IN THE PATH OF THE 'TRAIL OF TEARS'. The minute I got a ride out of there to a nearby town I felt better. Its not a positive place thats for sure and if you are a sensitive who suffers much in places like this stay the hell away from it. The only time the energy improved was when someone strongly Native in DNA was near me.(and I felt that before someone told me about the trail).


Scott Bigham said...

You alright, Sister?

On_GangStalking said...

I just got a shiner and some scratches..thanks for your supportive comment. LvnU