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Friday, October 16, 2009

'The Office' portrays psych warfare and workplace mobbing as funny/harmless

No, that was a natural reaction to psychological warfare and being targeted through repetitive tactics. THAT was workplace mobbing.

Yet in this TV show that used to rely on good writing and good dry humor/ dead pan from the actors, these actions of torturing another human being are represented as humorous, funny and rather harmless.

Oh you are just soooo bad ass working at a desk and all and being sneaky as well as ganging up on someone. Sucks when you have to resort to being so ballsless becuz, well people..that seems to be the way you live your whole lives and conduct all your affairs. Warfare for lazy cowards.

If this happens to you dont this especially. Its what the weaklings want. RESISTANCE IS FOR THE STRONG. Then you take action.

Study psychological warfare and return engagement accordingly.


Medawar said...

"The Office" is based on a BBC series of the same title, starring Ricky Gervais. To some extent this was a dumbed-down rip-off of something called "Drop the Dead Donkey" screened by the UK's Channel Four.

"Drop the Dead Donkey" was about office politics in a TV newsroom, and by and large, national and business leaders of the day were the butt of all the jokes. (Especially the Right Hon Peter Lilley QC MP.) "The Office" sort of turned that round to make the little guy the butt of all the humour.

You're right: it's a celebration of cowardice and bullying, whereas "Drop the Dead Donkey" was the opposite:
defining moment was newsreader Henry Davenport's award acceptance speech, at which he condemns the entire British Television industry as being run by pygmies "like HIM -and HIM!" as Davenport points at the most powerful executives in the room.

I can't find a You-Tube of the speech, but this represents the subversive anti-bullying ethos:

Anonymous said...

And they have the gall to call us "pussies" (remember the one comment)? Seems the perps are so far removed from reality they are having an indentity crisis. I think it's a deliberate tactic to get us worked up further. I could never imagine living my life just to "get at" someone else. I'd rather do ME and let the other wackos waste their time.

I do get mumbled comments from gangstalkers all the time in lame attempts to provoke me.

Anonymous said...

I can always discern the foot-soldiers, who are "blending in" with everyone else, from the general population. Though they appear normal in many ways, my internal perp alarm goes off ringing very loudly.

There is something about their demeanor, the calmness with which they stroll in, and there is some sort of aura emanating from them which trips my sixth sense. They're so creepy. It's not even the way they're acting; just something about them. Turns out I'm correct in almost all cases, as they proceed with their little bullying tactics. You can almost nearly always tell who they are before they even start their little "act".